GiGi Hadid’s 25th Birthday Celebration May Have Also Been A Gender Reveal Party

According to an article by The Hill, “divorce rates in China have increased sharply in China as mandatory lockdowns have been put in place aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus.”

Well, many couples have been splitting up in the U.S., as too much time spent together can cause an increase in disagreements.

Luckily, that isn’t the case with singer, Zayn Malik and supermodel, GiGi Hadid. The couple started dating in November of 2015, after meeting at a Victoria Secret fashion show afterparty. Since then, the two have been dating on and off, until they took a much needed break in February of 2018.

In December of 2019, the two rekindled their romance, and have been absolutely inseparable. Yesterday, TMZ broke the news that Hadid was allegedly 20 weeks pregnant, and of course, Malik is the father. 

While neither Hadid, nor Malik, have officially confirmed the news, fans are already speculating the baby’s gender. 

Five days ago, Hadid posted a compilation of photos/videos from her 25th birthday celebration. The celebration was small, since, you know… There’s still a pandemic going on, and social distancing guidelines are still in place.

However, it wasn’t the lack of people, or even the incredible bagel-themed cake (designed by the Cake Boss) that people were talking about. Hadid and her sister, Bella, were each holding a numbered ballon. GiGi held the number 2, and Bella held the number 5, but fans paid close attention to the colored ballon strings. 

“Has anyone noticed that the silver ballons have pink and blue string.. maybe she was hinting her pregnancy”, one fan commented.

Another fan replied to that comment, theorizing that the birthday celebration could have also been a gender reveal party.

One fan even went as far as to determine the baby’s gender. “Notice the pink and blue string in the first pic, then just the blue string of them hugging”.  

Although these speculations are all very interesting and entertaining, they’re nothing more than possible theories… at least, for now. 

Just a few hours ago, however, TMZ posted an update to their website, and according to close family sources, Hadid and Malik will be having a girl.

Hopefully, we’ll get an official confirmation from the happy couple in the near future. Until then, we hope that they’re staying safe, healthy, and we wish them the best of luck!

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