The Cast of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Remembered James Avery During Their Virtual Reunion

Courtesy: Will From Home/NBC

From High School Musical, 90210, Big Time Rush, Sonny With A Chance, Jessie, Chuck, and more, cast reunions have become a recent trend. With a current pandemic going on, it’s taking a toll on the mental health of many people.

So, to keep fans entertained, actors from television shows/movies that premiered decades ago have been reuniting one after the other, to provide some comedy, happiness, and overall relief from all of the negative pandemic updates.

Well, yesterday, another show decided to join the circle of reunions. The cast of the 1990 hit show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, reunited via Zoom.

The cast members included Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks), Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey Butler), Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks), Daphne Maxwell Reid (Vivian Banks), DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jazz), Tatyana M. Ali (Ashley Banks), and of course, Will Smith (Will Smith).

Smith started off by playing some clips from the show. In one of the episodes, Smith had to cry, and he laughed when that part played. 

“I sucked so bad as an actor. All of you guys are professional actors.”

Ali opened up about her college experience. After playing the role of Ashley Banks, she got admitted into Harvard University. She told Smith that he was the reason that she had fallen in love with music, and decided to pursue a music career in college. 

Marcell stated that one of this favorite memories before the show was auditioning for the part of Geoffrey Butler. “Spending a few moments with Avery, standing outside, smoking a cigarette… I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t apprehensive. It just seemed natural, and I enjoyed it.”

Smith was chatting with Ribeiro about why Smith was the only one with his real name in the show. Smith stated that, “it was such a deep insight that you had, because you said, ‘people are going to call you that for the rest of your life.’”

Will Smith took to Instagram, and added that the full reunion can be seen on his Snapchat series: WFH Will From Home (Episode 12: Part 1)

There was a separate episode (Episode 13: Part II), in which the conversations between Smith and each cast member continued. 

DJ Jazzy Jeff admitted that fans would constantly come up to him after the show, and try to sneak in the “Jazz and Will” handshake. 

The cast also remembered their former cast member, the late (and great) James Avery, through an emotional tribute video. Avery played the role of Uncle Phil, and passed away in 2013, from open heart surgery related complications.

Shortly after the tribute, Smith tried to incorporate one last comedic moment into the zoom, before closing out the reunion. Since DJ Jazzy was known for his “fashionable” exits, Smith played a compilation of Jazzy getting kicked out of the house. He had even worn the same shirt to the reunion, which meant that Smith had to virtually throw Jazz out of the Zoom call.

The fact that it’s been thirty years since the premiere of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is absolutely mind-blowing. Will Smith made a lot of fans content by finally reuniting the cast, and it will truly be a day to remember.

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