Did Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Officially Confirm Their Relationship?

Courtesy: ABC/Francisco Roman

If you watched with the most recent season of The Bachelor, then you know who Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are. 

Weber was the bachelor of the season, and Flanagan was one of the many women, pining for Weber’s heart. However, they didn’t just meet on the show.

They met several months before the show even started, in the lobby of a hotel. Since then, Flanagan had decided to sign up as a contestant on the show, after hearing that Weber was going to be this season’s bachelor.

Although she made it to the final five, she was eliminated the week before hometowns. Many fans were upset with Weber’s choice, as a lot of people were rooting for Flanagan and Weber to end up together.

Weber’s season ended with a failed engagement, and an awkward live finale. By the end of it all, Weber ended up single, and still trying to find “the one”.

Well, he is currently quarantining with Flanagan at her Chicago apartment, and on recent podcasts, the two have confirmed that they are just friends. Weber has said that there was potential for a future relationship, but that for now, they’re strictly platonic.

Last night, however, there may have been official confirmation that the two are now dating. 

Flanagan posted two pictures on Instagram: One of her with singer, Kygo, and, another with a signed VIP badge.

She captioned the post, “Throwback to when I met Kygo in August and got him to sign this lanyard to gift to Peter on the show!”.

Weber commented below, with a simple, “I finally got it right”, and inserted the heart eyes emoji at the end.

Although there was some hate towards the former bachelor, for the most part, fans were extremely supportive. “What’s meant to be will always find its way”, one fan commented.

Weber later went to TikTok, and posted a video with Flanagan, with the song “Nobody Wanna See Us Together” playing in the background. He captioned the video with a simple rose, and tagged Flanagan.

Weber’s parents also took to Instagram, to post about their happiness towards the relationship. 

Last night, Barba Weber (Peter’s mother), posted a photo collage of Flanagan and the former bachelor, with the caption: “Serendipity”.

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A post shared by Barb (@sweetnums) on

This morning, Peter Weber Sr. (Peter’s father), posted a photo of the former bachelor and Flanagan, flying in a plane. He captioned the photo: “Happiness is finding your copilot”.

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Happiness is finding your copilot.

A post shared by Peter Weber (@747flyr) on

It may not have worked out in the show, but it seemed like being away from the cameras, and all of the drama were what they needed to reconnect. 

We wish them both the best of luck in their newfound relationship!

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