These Sway House TikTokers Are Facing Backlash, For Allegedly Ditching Their Friend

Courtesy: @swayla on Instagram

Last week, Sway House members, Jaden Hossler, Griffin Johnson, Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, and Anthony Reeves went to Houston, Texas.

After posting a few TikToks at their AirBnb, fans started pointing out that Sway House member, Kio Cyr, was idle from the group.

Well, a few days later, Cyr went on a TikTok livestream to briefly address the situation. “Why didn’t I go to Texas? Because I I don’t know. I just wasn’t invited… I’m not upset about it. It’s whatever.”

Later on, however, Cyr admitted that he wished his friends would’ve invited him, at the very least. He appeared upset while talking about the situation, so he kept his side short and brief. He ended the conversation by saying that he was probably just overreacting.

Fans weren’t happy to hear that Cyr got left behind. So, they began flooding the comments of each Sway House member. Whenever one of them would post a TikTok, there would be hundreds of comments, hating on them for leaving their friend behind.

On a TikTok that Bryce Hall posted three days ago, one user left a comment, saying: “Ya’ll left my boy kid home alone. that’s so mean. I feel bad for him”. That was one of the top comments under the video.

Although TikToker, Tayler Holder, is not a part of the Sway House, he was also receiving backlash. Holder spends a lot of time hanging with the Sway House members, so some fans assumed that he was also involved with the ongoing drama.

This added to the backlash that Holder was originally facing, towards the end of April. He posted a TikTok on April 21st, detailing his journey towards surprising his mom in Texas. Although it was a heartfelt video, he faced immediate backlash for not following social distancing guidelines.

“This is very sweet, but please don’t encourage travel at this time. There is a reason the US has the highest number of coronavirus victims”, one user commented.

Holder simply stated that his family means everything to him, which is why he made the decision to travel. However, he has yet to address the Kio situation.

Griffin Johnson has also been getting a lot of hate from fans, because he and Cyr are so close. They have their own ship name: “Grio”.

Two days ago, Johnson posted a fun TikTok with Jaden Hossler. However, it didn’t take long for the Kio comments to start rolling in. 

“You guys must be sum great friends leaving Kio”, one user commented. 

Eventually, the comments were so frequent and so harsh, that Johnson finally addressed the situation in the comment section. After the next TikTok that he posted, he left a comment, stating that there are two sides to every story. According to Johnson, Cyr hasn’t tried to communicate with him.

Johnson recently went on Instagram live to discuss the situation further, since fans still wanted answers. 

“The Kio thing was both sides. I mean, it was bad on our part because our communication was bad, and it’s bad on the other part because it’s hard to get a hold of someone, when they don’t leave the room.” He also explained that the trip to Dallas was a last minute decision.

While Johnson and the other Sway House members are still in Texas, Anthony Reeves made a quick decision to head back to Los Angeles. He and Cyr are the only two members, currently at the Sway House.

Whether or not Reeves went back because of Cyr is unknown. Regardless, fans are content that Cyr is no longer alone.

However, people are now praising Reeves for going back to the Sway House. “You came back and that’s why I love u”, one user commented. 

Although Cyr and the rest of the Sway House members are public figures, their discussion upon arriving back at the house will most likely be confidential. 

We wish them the best of luck, and we hope that they’re able to figure things out, privately. 

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