iHeartRadio Threw An Epic Virtual Prom For The Class of 2020!

Courtesy: iHeartRadio

Although a lot of students are happy that they don’t have to wake up at 6 a.m to go to school anymore, there’s one group of students that are particularly affected: Seniors. High school seniors won’t be able to experience prom, Senior Skip Day, and their in-person graduations are most likely going to be virtual.

Every high school Senior dreams of experiencing the perfect prom, with either their close friends, or a significant other. However, due to unforeseen circumstances with COVID-19, they won’t be attending a traditional prom.

Well, iHeartRadio recognized this, and decided to throw a virtual prom for the graduating Class of 2020. The prom began last night at 8 pm, and lasted until midnight. It was streamed on all iHeartRadio affiliated platforms, as well as on Hit Nation.

The prom was hosted by Dua Lipa and JoJo Wright, and the lineup was crazy. Sure, the standard prom DJ would have been a fun time, but iHeartradio hired the best of the best. The DJ lineup was as follows: Marshmello, Diplo, Dillon Francis, Martin Garrix, Loud Luxury, and Will.I.Am. Joe Jonas may be known as 1/3 of the Jonas Brothers, but last night, he was an extra special guest on the DJ lineup.

Asher Angel, Sabrina Carpenter, Trevor Daniel, John Legend, and Dinah Jane crashed the prom to deliver heartfelt and endearing messages, for the graduating class. Bebe Rhexa also made an appearance, and when asked what her favorite prom memory was, she admitted that she didn’t go to her prom. “I wasn’t asked to prom, and I was too embarrassed to go. But, maybe I’ll go with a fan or something one day… We’ll see.”

Well, I bet those guys are highly regretting not asking her to prom. Rhexa proved to them that she’s a fierce, talented, independent woman, and she’s such an inspiration to many.

Earlier in the week, actress, Sofia Carson, went on ExtraTV to talk about her involvement with iHeartProm. Carson partnered with iHeartRadio to help construct this special event.

A lot of respect and credit goes to these graduating Seniors. They took a negative situation like the pandemic, and turned it into a night of fun. Speaking of fun, a few Seniors even put on their dresses to dance to the iHeartProm set.

One person even went as far as decorating their home in prom-themed decor.

If that wasn’t enough, iHeartRadio also held a contest for a virtual meet and greet with Diplo. “Yappa” was last night’s sponsor, and all fans had to do was record a short video/audio comment, stating why they deserve to join Diplo’s prom court.

Although the Seniors weren’t able to enjoy prom with their friends/prom dates, sometimes, all you need is your sibling or your parents (plus the music) to make virtual prom a night to remember.

iHeartRadio did such an incredible thing for the class of 2020.

To the high school seniors: I’m sorry that you didn’t get to mingle in person, but kudos to you for making the most out of last night. Hopefully, you jammed out to the full setlist, and sang along with Lewis Capaldi.

Congratulations on completing your high school education, and best of luck to all of you in the future!

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