Popular YouTuber, Corey La Barrie, Dead At 25

Courtesy: Instagram

Corey La Barrie was a popular YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers. His videos were always positive and fun, and he was known for helping his friends with whatever they needed. 

La Barrie recently moved into a house with close friends: JC Caylen, Crawford Collins, and Chelsey Amaro.

Just by watching one of La Barrie’s 10 minute YouTube videos, you’d walk away with a smile on your face. He was so full of light, and willing to do anything to make his fans happy. On May 11, 2019, La Barrie even participated in Kian And JC’s “Last YouTuber To Leave The Freezer Wins $5,000” challenge. It was crazy, humorous, and La Barrie even got drunk, which made the video more entertaining. 

Unfortunately, on May 10th, 2020, La Barrie died in a fatal car crash in Los Angeles, California. According to an article by TMZ, La Barrie was heading home from a birthday celebration that was thrown for him, earlier that night. Daniel Silva, well known tattoo artist, was driving the car, and was reportedly seen drinking at the party. TMZ reported that Silva will be charged for the murder of La Barrie, once he is released from the hospital.

Some of La Barrie’s close friends have already responded to his death. Colby Brock tweeted out: “I feel sick” and then re-tweeted a statement that La Barrie once posted, about never taking life for granted.

Tana Mongeau responded with a series of tweets, about how La Barrie would always make people feel welcomed, during any party/social gathering.

Other friends offered their sentiments and condolences, and remembered the YouTuber in a positive light.

La Barrie’s current roommates (and former roommates: Kian Lawley, Bobby Mares, Franny Arrieta) have yet to respond, but they shouldn’t be expected to make a public response. 

Thankfully, fans of the YouTuber are understanding of that, with one fan tweeting out the following:

I’d like to close this article out with one of my favorite videos that La Barrie posted on his YouTube channel. It showed how generous and kind-hearted the YouTuber was, and how much he cared about his friends.

La Barrie was loved by many, and his legacy will continue to live on. Rest in peace, Corey.

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