These Celebrities Posted Such Sweet Messages To Honor Their Moms On Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, and although COVID-19 has made it difficult for some people to physically spend time with their mothers, they were able to showcase their love through social media. Millions of people took to Instagram and Twitter, to celebrate mothers everywhere. 

Here are just a few celebrities that have honored their mothers in a special way:

  1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a very close bond with her mother, Andrea Swift. Last year, Taylor released her album, “Lover”. Track 12 included a song, called “Soon You’ll Get Better”. The song features The Dixie Chicks, and the lyrics talk about how Taylor felt when Andrea was diagnosed with cancer. Taylor then opened up earlier this year about the fact that along with cancer, her mom is now battling a brain tumor as well.

This mother’s day, Swift was certain to honor her mother in such a sweet and heartfelt way. Taylor posted an adorable home video of herself when she was 10 months old. Andrea was behind the camera, trying to coach Taylor on what to say. Not only were the videos cute, but the caption was absolutely adorable.

2. Miley Cyrus

Last August, Cyrus released a single, called “Mother’s Daughter”. The song was meant to serve as a mother-daughter duo type of anthem. Miley emphasizes that her mother (Tish Cyrus) always believed in her and supported her throughout her career as an entertainer.

For Mother’s Day, Cyrus took to Instagram, to post a snippet of the “Mother’s Daughter” music video. The video showcased Tish and Miley, as Miley sang the lyrics: “My mama always told me that I’d make it, that I’d make it. So, I made it. I put my back into it, my heart in it. So I did it. Yeah, I did it”.

Cyrus then included a message of gratitude towards her mom, for always believing in her dreams.

3. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato posted twice on Mother’s Day. Her first Instagram post was a series of endearing photos of Demi and mama Lovato (Dianna De La Garza). The photos ranged from current Demi, to teen Demi, and lastly, toddler Demi. Lovato’s caption was so touching and emotional: My beautiful, beautiful momma”, she begins. “Thank you for always being there for me.. overseas, across the country or across the hall.. you always show up.” Lovato continues the caption by describing her mother’s resilience and strength.

Lovato later posted a photo of a note on Instagram, originally written by Jameela Jamil. The note recognizes those who might not have been able to spend time with their mothers, and who may no longer have them in their lives. “If that’s you, I see you. And I send you love. It’s okay to make a family out of your friends”. Lovato added to the note with a caption of her own:

4. Nick Jonas

Normally, Nick Jonas honors his biological mom for Mother’s Day each year. However, this year was a bit different. Jonas took to Instagram to honor two very important women in his life: his mother, Denise-Miller Jonas, and his mother in-law, Madhu Chopra. Jonas posted a fun video of Denise and Madhu “getting their groove on” and dancing along to bouncing statues.

Jonas also posted another tribute for the two mothers in his life. He uploaded a few photos from his wedding with wife, Priyanka Chopra. In one photo, Jonas was walking arm in arm with Denise. However, the following photo was of Madhu and Denise posing for a photo, with bouquets in their hands.

5. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has always had such a close relationship with his mother, Pattie Mallette. So, on Mother’s Day, Bieber posted a series of photos of him and his mother, back when he was just a little Bieber. Throughout all of the photos, Mallette is keeping Bieber safe and protected in her arms. As if that weren’t cute enough, Bieber’s caption was very genuine: “Can’t express enough the gratitude for all of the things you sacrificed for me! You always believed in me! I love you mom! Thank you!”

Bieber also released a secondary video from his newest single: “Stuck With U”. The song is a collaboration with Ariana Grande, and although the original music video was released last Friday, they created a Mother’s Day-themed secondary music video. They had fans send in videos with their mothers, and edited the footage into the original music video. It was such a kind and thoughtful gesture, and a lot of featured fans really appreciated the inclusion.

To those of you who weren’t able to spend time with your mothers on Sunday, our hearts are with you, and as Demi Lovato had stated, “you are being thought of as well today”.

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