Famous TikToker, Charli D’Amelio, Speaks Out Against Hate Comments

Courtesy: Instagram

Charli D’Amelio is a widely known social media star. With over 55 million followers on TikTok, it’s safe to say that if Charli posts a dance online, it becomes the new trend. 

While some people may brand the star as “a TikTok dancer”, D’Amelio is actually a trained professional. She’s been dancing long before TikTok, and she’s even entered in numerous competitions. 

Whether it’s dancing videos, or a mini vlog to showcase her daily life, D’Amelio has always posted content that makes her happy.  

However, while being a public figure may appear glamorous 24/7, being famous also comes with a lot of negativity. If you sit there and stare at the camera, people are going to say that you’re either blinking too much, or not enough.

Unfortunately, cyber bullying happens more often than we think, and although a celebrity may have 5+ million followers, sometimes, all it takes is that one negative comment about their appearance to ruin their day.

In D’Amelio’s case, a lot of people have been commenting about her weight. She claimed that towards the beginning of her internet stardom, people were claiming that she was “too fat”. Now, people are criticizing her for being “too thin”. 

Yesterday, D’Amelio addressed these comments with a simple, yet powerful TikTok.

D’Amelio also posted another TikTok yesterday, where she rated archived pictures of herself.

After rating about four of her pictures, she paused at the last one. The picture was of D’Amelio in a two-piece swimsuit. Although she rated it a 9/10, she admitted that she only took it down because people were leaving a lot of hate comments, regarding her weight. 

D’Amelio’s fans were quick to notice the last photo, and they flooded the comment section with positivity.

“The last one is just AMAZING”, one fan commented. Another user told Charli to continue loving herself.

Although cyber bullying is NEVER okay, D’Amelio is only sixteen. Being in the public eye should never be an invitation to tear someone down.

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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