This FedEx Driver and Tony Hawk Teamed Up To Make A Fan’s Dream Come True

Courtesy: Instagram/TikTok

Yesterday, a FedEx driver by the name of Mikail (@fresh2deaf), posted a heartwarming video on TikTok.

In the video, he stated that while he was making deliveries and driving the FedEx truck around the neighborhood, he noticed a young boy running after him. The boy tried to get his attention, and when Mikail finally stopped, the child was quick to approach him. 

Mikail estimated that the boy was around 8 or 9 years old. Well, the boy had one simple request. He asked Mikail if he could deliver an old skateboard (without any wheels) for him, and when Mikail asked who to send it to, the boy responded with: “Do you know the pro skater, Tony Hawk? Can you mail this to him?”

Mikail found the whole encounter to be wholesome and adorable. So, naturally, he played along. 

“Get this to Tony Hawk from me, and tell him it’s from Cooper”, the boy said. 

Cooper’s mother even stepped outside and winked at Mikail, before telling him to “make sure it gets to Tony Hawk”.

Since Mikail didn’t have Tony Hawk’s address, he simply made a storytime video about the situation, and posted it on TikTok. He also tagged Tony Hawk in case he saw it.

Well, the TikTok went viral within hours, and through the power of social media, Tony Hawk viewed the video.

Hawk left a sweet comment towards Cooper. He wanted Mikail to relay the following: “@tonyhawk: Tell Cooper I got him!!! And I’ll trade him for a new board.”

Not only did Hawk respond through the comment section, but he also created a video message just for Cooper. 

Hawk only has three videos — two of which are from 2018. 

Mikail promised that the next time he passed by Cooper’s house, he would take a video of his reaction. 

About an hour ago, Mikail delivered on his promise.

In a time where there is currently a lot of negativity in the world, it’s heartwarming to hear about genuine acts of kindness — such as Cooper’s story.

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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