Sway House Member, Jaden Hossler, Released The Full Version of Angels n’ Demons, and Fans Are Going Crazy!

Courtesy: Instagram

If you’re a regular TikTok user, then you know who the members of the Sway House are. The Sway House is a TikTok creator house, and consists of the following members: Jaden Hossler, Griffin Johnson, Anthony Reeves, Josh Richards, Kio Cyr, Bryce Hall, and Nick Bean. 

Well, on February 26th, Hossler released his first single, “Comatose”, on all streaming platforms. 

Since fans really liked that song, Hossler decided to drop another song. On March 13th, he announced that his latest single, “Angels n Demons” would be releasing soon.

Other influencers, such as: Griffin Johnson, Daisy Keech, Kio Cyr, Chase Hudson, Mads Lewis, Quinton Griggs, Ryland Storms, Josh Richards, and more showed their support for Hossler’s upcoming song, by making TikToks with the song in the background.

On May 18th, the full version of “Angels n Demons” was finally released — along with a music video. The video already has over 5 million views, and fans are obsessed.

“The only thing that is wrong with the song is that it’s not long enough!”, one fan commented.

Another compared the song to the “Still Softish” diss track by Bryce Hall and Josh Richards. 

The video is currently #17 on the YouTube music trending page, and the song really showcases Hossler’s musical talent.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more music from Hossler in the near future!

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