Justin Bieber Opens Up To Fans About Past Drug Use During An Instagram Live

Courtesy: Instagram

Two days ago, Justin Bieber went on Instagram live, and his friend/musician, Harry Hudson.

After introducing him, Bieber went into interviewer-mode, and began asking Hudson about his music.

Hudson mentioned the release of his latest single, “Give Up On Us”, and that it’s currently available on all streaming platforms. 

Bieber also asked him to share why music is so important to him, and how his talent has helped him overcome obstacles in his life.

Hudson responded, by sharing the story of when he had battled cancer. 

“For people that don’t know, I had cancer about five and a half years ago, and they gave me a couple months to live with the cancer. And so, taking those moments and realizing that I might have a couple months to live, and I’m 20 years old… I realized I wouldn’t have left anything behind if I passed away at 20 years old, because I was so insecure.”

He then goes on to talk about how music has always been a passion of his. However, his purpose was more so to help people. So, he wanted to take all of his pain and turn it into a positive action. 

This reminded me of a term that I was taught, during my high school psychology class. It’s called “sublimation”. Sublimation, according to Simply Psychology, “takes place when we manage to displace our unacceptable emotions into behaviors, which are constructive and socially acceptable, rather than destructive activities.”

Hudson listed some examples of healthy ways to utilize sublimation: through drawing, songwriting, feeding the hungry, etc.

Bieber then went on to talk about the three p’s: passion, pain and purpose. 

“Find your passion, use your pain, and find your purpose.”

This led into the conversation of death, and finding your purpose in life. Bieber stated that he was forced at such a young age to face the concept of death, due to heavy drug use, when he was a teenager.

“I was actually so deep into it and no one really knew, that I was, you know — my security was checking my pulse at night to see if I was alive, you know.”

Bieber ended that conversation by stating that he had one of two choices: he could’ve accepted his eventual fate, and continued to use drugs; or, he could have stopped to figure out what his purpose on Earth was.

Luckily, the singer chose the latter, and is now using his platform to give advice to fans who may currently be going through a difficult time in their lives. 

Bieber wanted fans to walk away from his Instagram live, knowing that they were put on this Earth for a reason, and that no one was put here as an “accident.”

Fans were extremely appreciative of the advice that Hudson and Bieber were able to share with their fans.

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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