The Hunt For David Dobrik’s Dollar Has Officially Come To An End

Courtesy: Instagram

David Dobrik is known for being generous with his money. In the past, he surprised his friends with brand new cars, he gave $25,000 checks to college students [to help them pay off their debt], and last year, he even bought a red convertible for a fan.

Well, about 5 days ago, Dobrik posted a TikTok that has since amassed over 13 million views. In the video, Dobrik holds up a $1 bill, and explains that he is handing the dollar to a random cashier, and putting it in circulation. 

Whoever finds the $1 bill with his signature on it will be sent $10,000. However, since many people could easily forge Dobrik’s signature onto the dollar, he wrote a special message on the back. Only the true winner will know what that special message is.

As anticipated, there were many people that duetted Dobrik’s video. Many claimed to have found the $1 bill, and held it up with Dobrik’s “signature” on the front.. 

However, fans quickly began to spot the serial number difference, and called out the users for their fake claims.

Some fans even went as far as to act like they won the $10,000, when in reality, they showed humorous “secret” messages on the back of the bill.

One user (@vkatart) duetted the video, showing that the secret message on the back of the “winning” dollar was: “I miss Liza”. 

Although a lot of fans took the video too seriously, Dobrik left a fun comment:

“Hahahahah oh god. No not the right one hahahaha”.

After four long days of continuous anticipation, someone finally came forward with the winning dollar.

Hailey (@hailey_3025) duetted Dobrik’s video yesterday, and showed the dollar alongside of the original dollar. The serial numbers matched, the signatures matched, and the secret message on the back was simply, “cherry soda”.

Dobrik’s fan base came together, and began tagging the YouTuber in Hailey’s video. They also went over to Dobrik’s TikTok page, and spammed the comments of his recent video with the winner of the dollar. 

Influencer, Lauren Babin, posted a video to her TikTok, to help Hailey get connected with Dobrik. According to Babin, she used to babysit Hailey about ten years ago. So, she knows the winner personally.

Well, her video gained over 7 million views, and Madison Beer commented that she had personally sent the video to Dobrik.

Several hours after the video was uploaded, Dobrik followed Hailey on TikTok. 

Within the past 45 minutes, Dobrik left a comment on the video, congratulating Hailey for finding the dollar. 

Then, not only did he repost the video to his Instagram, but he also posted proof of the $10,000 check being written out for Hailey.

According to Hailey, it wasn’t her who found the dollar. The dollar was part of a graduation gift from her mother. However, when asked for further details, Hailey revealed that she was going to make a storytime video about the situation, and post it on TikTok.

Stay tuned for updates on the storytime video. Until then, a big congratulations to Hailey, for winning the $10,000!

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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