Brandy Melville Is Currently Under Fire Because Of This TikTok

Courtesy: Brandy Melville/TikTok

TikTok is the hottest new app. Much like all other forms of social media, there are the TikTok stars (Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, The Lopez Brothers), the comedians, the dancers, the trend setters, the actors, and the transition masters.

Since TikTok is algorithmic based, a lot of people feed off of drama and “tea”. The app can either be the right place to get TikTok famous, or the perfect medium to get exposed.

Well, recently, TikTok user, Callie Jean, posted a story time video about Brandy Melville. If you’re not familiar with the name, Brandy Melville is an Italian brand of stylish clothing, for young women. 

In the story time video, however, Callie explained that she used to work at Brandy Melville a few years ago, and that it wasn’t as glorious as it appeared to have been.

Callie explained that when she worked there, her store manager would allegedly only hire white women that were thin in size. She then further explained that one of the employees (who was slightly larger than the rest of the workers) was not allowed to emerge from the stock room.

Callie mentioned that although she had no prior work experience, her manager was eager to recruit her. A few weeks after beginning to work at the store, an Asian woman came in to apply for a job. Callie said that her resume was filled with a lot of prior experience. However, when she went to give the resume to her manager, the first question that her boss allegedly wanted to know was what this girl looked like.

According to Callie, the manager reportedly peeked her head out from around the corner, saw that the applicant was Asian, and told Callie to tell the woman that their store “wasn’t hiring”.

The TikTok was uploaded just a few days ago, and has already surpassed 4 million views. 

The comment section was flooded with either former Brandy Melville employees, or people wanting to cancel the brand.

However, there were also people claiming that while Callie’s Brandy Melville may have been that way, theirs weren’t.

After Callie’s TikTok went viral, people even went as far as to “cancel” them on the official Brandy Melville Instagram comments:

Since the first video, Callie has uploaded a total of 7 videos, related to her experience at Brandy Melville.

The company has yet to respond to these alleged accusations. 

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