The Dolan Twins Reunited With Jake Paul For A Recent YouTube Video

Courtesy: YouTube

Several days ago, The Dolan Twins uploaded a new video on YouTube, called: “I Bought My Brother A $40,000 Housewarming Gift!!”

In the video, Grayson Dolan is searching for his brother’s (Ethan Dolan) dream watch. After texting one of his friends at the Rolex store on Rodeo Drive, it was confirmed that they had Ethan’s dream watch.

Before surprising Ethan with the watch, however, Grayson wanted to throw him off. So, he FaceTimed his old friend/Team 10 leader, Jake Paul. 

About two years ago, the Dolan Twins and Jake Paul were reportedly feuding. Paul had announced in his memoir, that he was the one who discovered the Dolan Twins and made them famous. He even allegedly offered the twins a spot on Team 10. However, the Dolan Twins were quick to shut that rumor down. 

In an interview with Caspar Lee back in 2017, they stated that although Paul had allowed them to stay at his house, he was not the sole reason for their success.

Since then, neither the Dolan Twins, nor Paul, have made a video together/addressed the situation.

However after the Dolan Twins released the Rolex Video, Paul uploaded a YouTube video with the Dolan Twins soon thereafter.

The video was titled, “We finally addressed our past… (Dolan Twins)”.

While fans assumed that the trio was going to address their past drama, the video ended up being clickbait. 

During the last few minutes of Paul’s video, he was joined by the Dolan Twins, to recreate some of their old vines. 

We’re glad to see that Paul and the twins were able to move past all of the drama.

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