Derek Chauvin and George Floyd Worked Together In A Night-Club, Prior To Floyd’s Murder

Yesterday, a TikTok went viral from user, Marco Salonzo (@marcosalonzofamous). The video consisted of a news clip from popular Minnesota news outlet, KSTP.

In the clip, the reporter is interviewing former club owner, Maya Santamaria. Santamaria stated that when she saw the news reports of former police officer, Derek Chauvin, she recognized him almost immediately. He had previously worked security for her, at the El Nuevo Rodeo night club.

The night club has since been sold, but Santamaria said that Chauvin had worked there for 17 years. 

Furthermore, she stated that although she didn’t recognize him at first, from the police brutality clip, she later recognized George Floyd from a separate image. 

Floyd had also been a security guard at the same club — meaning that he had previously worked with Chauvin, prior to last week’s police brutality encounter. 

Santamaria also mentioned that Chauvin had a short fuse, and whenever he was met with a tense situation at the club, he resulted to pepper spraying the crowd. She admitted that the macing was “unnecessary and unwarranted.”

Unmentioned in the TikTok clip, Santamaria declared that the violent actions happened a lot — mainly during events where the black community was most prominent.  

Chauvin has been charged with the murder of George Floyd. However, it was only third degree murder, and his bail is set at a mere $500,000. 

People have since been protesting and rioting (rightfully so), to obtain justice for not only Floyd and his family, but the many other black victims that have fallen to police brutality. 

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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