Madison Beer Asks Fans Not To Praise Her For Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement

Recently, celebrities have joined forces with protestors, to march in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Celebrities that showed their support at protests, include: Cole Sprouse, Halsey, David Dobrik, Harry Styles, Ross Lynch, KeKe Palmer, Timothee Chalamet, and more.

Madison Beer has also attended several different protests, over a span of three days. Most recently, Beer had received backlash over an alleged “Black Lives Matter” related photoshoot. The photo was of Beer kneeling on top of a car roof, and holding up a sign that read, “No freedom til we’re equal.” Some people had assumed that Beer was purposely posing for Instagram photos.

However, it was later confirmed by the original photographer (jvshvisions) that Beer never hired him. 

“I was taking pictures at the event and ran into Madison while also marching at the event. Since she’s a celebrity I decided to take pictures of her”, he stated.

Beer also took to social media several days ago, to share a statement on her Instagram story. She mentioned that although she was appreciative of fans thanking her for speaking out, “it should be expected.” 

Beer ended her Instagram story by promising to fight and stand with the black community until the end. 

Published by Monica Ring

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