Tayler Holder and Sommer Ray Are Sparking Dating Rumors After Posting These Videos

TikTok star, Tayler Holder, has been receiving a lot of attention lately, due to his recent posts with Instagram model/influencer, Sommer Ray. Rumors first started on May 19th, when Ray first appeared on Holder’s TikTok page. Holder posted a trend, in which he asks Ray to date him over Snapchat. When she sent a photo back, declining his question, he proceeded to ask her to repeat what he asked her. Naturally, Ray sent a photo back, saying “Do you want to date?”, to which Holder responded with an excited “omg I thought you’d never ask”.


Boo’d up 🙊🤷🏻‍♂️ @sommerray

♬ Cooking by the book – psherman42wallaby

The comment section was full of mixed reactions. Some fans were questioning whether or not it was real, while others were “shipping” Holder with his assistant/best friend, Kelianne Stankus. Holder and Stankus have publicly revealed that they were simply close friends, and that the potential for a future relationship between the two would be very unlikely. 

A handful of fans even defended Holder and Ray in the comment section. 

“Let them be happy! If they like each other, let them be”, one user commented.

Since then, it was quiet between the two for a few weeks. They haven’t posted anything together, up until just a few days ago. Four days ago, Holder posted and deleted two different videos with Ray — one on TikTok, and one on his Instagram story. Both videos show them getting up close and personal with one another. 

Holder never specified why he deleted the videos, but considering the amount of fans that are shipping him with Kelianne, fans might be able to guess on that one. 

Just yesterday, however, Holder posted two TikToks with Ray. In the first, he was lip-syncing to a song, while walking over to someone. Once he arrived near Ray, he leaned it towards her, and they almost kissed.

The next TikTok features Holder’s close friend/roommate, Nate Wyatt, as well as Aidette Cancino and of course, Sommer Ray. The four were dancing to a song in the background, as Ray held onto Holder, and Cancino held onto Wyatt.

Although some fans are still commenting for Tayler and Kelianne to start dating, Kelianne recently posted an Instagram photo, revealing her boyfriend, Chase Mattson.

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Happy birthday love ❤️

A post shared by Kelianne💛 (@keliannestankus) on

While it’s unclear how long the two have been dating, considering that Kelianne and Tayler shared a kiss not too long ago for an Instagram live, it’s most likely a new relationship.

Regardless, we wish the best for Sommer Ray and Tayler Holder, as well as Kelianne and Chase Mattson.

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