The Old Hype House Got Broken Into, And Property Was Stolen/Destroyed

Courtesy: Michelle Groskopf/New York Times

A few weeks ago, Hype House members: Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Addison Rae, Tayler Holder, Kelianne Stankus, Nate Wyatt, Ryland Storms, Jack Wright, James Wright, Kouvr Ambon, Avani Gregg, Nick Austin, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Darianka Sanchez, Patrick Huston, and Larri Merritt packed up and moved to the former “Clout House”. 

They’ve been making themselves at home, and all appeared to be going well. However, since the move was so sudden (and they’re still on the lease for another month), some of the Hype House members left certain possessions at the house. 

Well, this morning, Hudson released the following tweet: 

The trespassers were later identified through a series of TikToks that were re-posted on TikTokRoom. The TikTok account owner is the mother of influencer, Jenny Popach (@mariaulaciaaa). There were three girls in the initial TikTok (Jenny, Rose, and Clementine Leaspeiser), and they were dancing to “Savage” in Hudson’s infamous bathroom. One of the girls was even seen wearing Avani’s pink cowgirl hat. 

Avani commented on that video by saying three valid words:

Another video was also posted of Popach’s mother (Maria) dancing to “Party Girl”. However, she was also wearing his skeleton jacket in the video — which Hudson claimed was later missing from the house. 

Since receiving backlash, Maria has deleted all of the evidence on her account. She had even gone on Instagram live earlier today, to state that she “did not” break into the Hype House, and that a cleaning lady had let the women inside. Alex Warren then countered that statement, by saying that there weren’t any care takers at the old Hype House.

She also claimed not to have stolen anything. Yet, Kouvr took to social media to post a video that shows how trashed the house is.

Kouvr also stated that her tattoo gun was stolen, and that the fish that she had kept in the house was nowhere to be found. However, the fish tank was found right next to the toilet. 

Nick Austin then went on TikTok live to confirm that the Hype House is pressing charges on Maria and the other girls involved in the break in.

Even social media star, Tana Mongeau, voiced her frustration, regarding the situation.

It’s understandable that fans get excited and anxious to meet their favorite celebrities. However, everybody deserves the right to their own privacy — which is why most public figures will hire security, or live in gated communities. Breaking into somebody’s home in the state of California is considered to be a felony (which, according to California law, can lead up to 2-6 years in a state prison).

Please be kind and respectful to other people, as well as their property.

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