Outer Banks Stars, Chase Stokes And Madelyn Cline, Have Confirmed Their Relationship Status

Courtesy: Netflix

If you’ve been binge watching shows on Netflix during quarantine, then you surely know about “Outer Banks”. “Outer Banks” was released in April of this year, and was trending for quite some time after its premiere. The show follows a group of friends (John B., Kiara, Pope, and JJ) as they navigate their way through Outer Banks, North Carolina. 

John B., Kiara, Pope, and JJ all live in “The Cut” — also known as the working class section of the island. They identify themselves as the “Pogues”. The other half of the island is the extremely wealthy side, which is called “Figure 8” — also known as the home of the “Kooks”. Figure 8 is where Sarah Cameron, Rafe, Topper, Wheezie, and Ward live.

As the episodes progressed (and the storyline thickened), John B. and Sarah Cameron grew closer. By episode 4, the two had realized their feelings for one another, and Cameron broke it off with her “Kook” boyfriend, Topper. They quickly became the “ship” of the series. 

Much like any show that contains a relationship storyline, many fans were wondering if the two actors (Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline) were also dating in real life. After all, they did recently go to Florida together, followed by a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. 

Luckily for John B. and Sarah Cameron fans, their relationship was officially confirmed through social media. Chase Stokes posted two photos on Instagram yesterday. The first was a view of a picnic on the beach, that featured Madelyn Cline’s legs. The second photo was a candid of Cline smiling and holding up a bottle of wine. 

However, it wasn’t the photo that had fans swooning, but more-so the caption. Stokes captioned the photo with a simple four words: “cats outta the bag”.

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cats outta the bag ❤️

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Cline then left a series of comments, also confirming their relationship status:

Even Topper himself approved of the relationship, with a simple: “YES SIR”.

The announcement has over one million likes, and the comments are flooded with support from friends and fans.

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