Former Sway House Member, Josh Richards, Announces Split From Ex-Girlfriend, Nessa Barrett

Courtesy: Instagram

Two days ago, former Sway House member, Josh Richards, posted a new YouTube video. He titled the video, “We Broke Up” — in reference to his 9 month relationship with TikTok star, Nessa Barrett.

Barrett begins the video by stating that Richards was the one who ended the relationship, but they admitted that in the end, it was a mutual decision. 

Richards then goes on to explain that they’re still growing and maturing, but that they weren’t doing it together. He stated that although their relationship was very serious, they realized that they just weren’t right for one another.

It was also revealed that Barrett is moving to LA to pursue her passion for music, while Richards is planning on pursuing passion projects of his own. 

However, they did point out that while their relationship has ended for now, they’re not going to cancel out the possibility of rekindling their relationship in the future. 

Barrett mentioned that between being in a long distance relationship for over a year, and constantly being in the public eye, it didn’t help their relationship flourish as much as they had hoped. 

She also admitted to only being more active on social media, after going public with her relationship. According to Barrett, she still has a lot to learn about social media. However, her mental health has been greatly affected by the hate that she’s been receiving, over the past few months. 

Though there was a lot of sadness, the two TikTok stars ended the video on a positive note. Barrett and Richards told fans that they would always be there for one another, and they will always care about each other, no matter what. 

Richards also asked fans not to spread any hate — whether it’s towards Barrett or himself. 

Hopefully, the two will reconcile in the future, but until then, we wish them both the best of luck with their future endeavors!

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