Who Is Noah Beck, And Could He Be The Newest Sway House Member?

Courtesy: Instagram

At just 19 years old, Noah Beck is no ordinary teen. Along with attending the University of Portland, Beck joined the Portland Pilots soccer team in late 2019.

Aside from his typical day as a college student, Beck is a growing social media star. He currently has over 2 million followers on TikTok, and his content goes beyond the typical dance trends. 

Beck’s videos contain content related to: dancing, acting, answering q&a’s, and comedy. 


#pov i’m on my way to work when you say bye in an unexpected way.. #fyp

♬ original sound – troyosterberg

Although he already had quite the following, within the past few days, more people found out about him.

Two days ago, Beck uploaded a “Hood Baby” challenge video, that featured Nessa Barrett, and Madi Monroe. Fans immediately began speculating that Beck and Barrett were an item (following her split from former Sway House member, Josh Richards). However, Beck was quit to shut that rumor down. 


@madi @nessaabarrett

♬ Hood Baby – Kbfr

A few hours later [Sway House members], Bryce Hall and Blake Gray uploaded several TikToks that featured Beck in the background. Beck also posted videos with Quinton Griggs, Hall, and Gray (confirming that he was staying at the Sway House).


whoever nima is.. screw you @brycehall @qgriggs @blakegray

♬ Look at the way that i walk – t.eiantgvng

Beck’s comment section is filled with eager fans, wanting confirmation as to whether or not Beck is joining the Sway House. Although Beck “liked” certain comments about being the new Sway House member, he’s admitted that he likes a lot of comments, without fully reading them.

However, yesterday, Beck may have subtly confirmed the rumors through a TikTok comment:

It seems like Beck gets along really well with the other Sway House members. So, regardless of whether or not he joins, we wish him the best of luck!

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