Fans Are Once Again Showing Up To David Dobrik’s House, Without His Permission

Courtesy: Instagram

About two hours ago, David Dobrik posted two videos on his Instagram story. In the videos, although their faces are blurred, we can see a mother with her children, as they stand in front of Dobrik’s door.

They’re talking to [what sounds like] Dobrik’s best friend/roommate, Ilya Fedorovich, and are pleading to see Dobrik. Ilya was the one who filmed the encounter. 

According to the mother, her family flew in from another state, just so that they could meet the social media star. The mother was begging for Dobrik to come out, so that they could say “hello” from a distance. 

Ilya continued to turn the family down, stating that he couldn’t let them inside, because this invasion of privacy happens a lot to Dobrik. 

Towards the end of December 2019, Dobrik made a statement on Twitter, asking fans to stop showing up at his house:

In mid January of this year, he announced that he was moving to a different house — a main reason being due to privacy concerns. 

On the series of videos posted to his Instagram story, Dobrik wrote the following statement:

“Guys. I appreciate you guys so much. I promise!! but plz do not come to my house. Its not fun. Its just awkward. If I see you out and about come say hello!! I love that. But coming to my house is a little scary. Especially cuz everyone is a stranger. And mama Dobrik always says ‘stranger danger'”.

Both Dobrik and Ilya handled the situation respectfully, and whether they’re celebrities or not, everyone deserves the right to privacy, in the comfort of their own home. Especially during a time of a global pandemic, celebrities have even more of a reason to turn away invasive fans. 

Published by Monica Ring

Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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