Jenna Marbles Announces Her Departure From YouTube: “I need to be done with this channel… for now, or forever”

Courtesy: YouTube

Jenna Marbles has been on YouTube since 2010 — before YouTube rose to the stature that it’s currently in. Marbles was there since the very beginning, and she was one of the first YouTubers to reach a million subscribers. As of today, the social media star has over 20 million YouTube subscribers.

Just a few hours ago, Marbles released a YouTube video, titled: “A Message”. In the video, she explains that she’s recently received a lot of backlash for her older videos, which contained racist jokes, black face, and slut-shaming content. 

Marbles stated that she’s since privated a lot of her old, insensitive content, because she “doesn’t want to put negative videos out there and promote content like that”.

She then proceeded to take accountability for her past videos, and after showing the viewers clips of the type of content that she made in the past, she followed each clip up with a separate, sincere apology. 

Marbles ended the video by admitting that she wasn’t enjoying YouTube anymore, and that she can no longer go on with her channel. 

“That’s not my intent. That’s not what I ever set out to do — to hurt anyone, or to make anyone feel bad… So, I think I’m just going to move on with this channel for now.”

Marbles stated that she can’t promise that she’s going to come back, but that if she does, she wants to be sure that she uploads content that won’t hurt anyone. 

Marble’s viewers were absolutely devastated to hear about this news, with some fans comparing her departure to a break-up.

Other YouTubers have taken to social media, to express their appreciation for Jenna Marbles:

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