Madison Beer Is Receiving Death Threats, After Denying Plastic Surgery Rumors

Courtesy: Instagram

21 year-old singer, Madison Beer, is currently under fire for denying plastic surgery rumors. Beer had previously admitted to getting lip fillers one time, before deciding never to do it again. After continuously being asked about facial reconstruction, she went on a TikTok livestream to tell fans to scroll all the way down on her Instagram page. Beer stated that she looks the same as when she was 12, but older and more mature.

Recently, however, Beer was photographed by the paparazzi in front of a plastic surgery office. Many fans thought that she was trying to hide from the media, since she immediately moved out of frame. 

Courtesy: Twitter

When the photos were released, more people began attacking the “Selfish” singer, until she came out with a public response. 

According to Beer, she was at the plastic surgery office to get a consultation for a mole removal. She also stated that due to these photos, she’s been receiving a lot of death threats, and comments encouraging the singer to commit suicide. 

Now, not only is she receiving backlash from ordinary social media users, but even popular influencers are beginning to throw shade as well. 

Two days ago, well known influencer, Mia Khalifa, posted a video on TikTok, in which she was debating plastic surgery. The audio was saying that she wasn’t going to do it, as Khalifa looked at the plastic surgery sign.

However, by the end of the video, it cuts to a clip of her nose, post-surgery. Khalifa also captioned the video with the following:

“I’d never hide behind a tree. Don’t compare urself to anyone on the internet, ur beautiful.”


I’d never hide behind a tree. Don’t compare urself to anyone on the internet, ur beautiful ♥️ THANK U, @deepakdugarmd. U changed my life! #ShaveItOff

♬ original sound – makayladid

The comments were filled with people mentioning the subtle shade towards Beer. One comment (which Khalifa responded to) said that there’s nothing wrong with normalizing plastic surgery, as long as people don’t lie about it.

Khalifa responded, by saying, “YESSSS SAY IT AGAIN!!!”.

She also responded to a Twitter user’s (@voidprker) post about Madison by stating that, “I will be shading anyone who sets unrealistic beauty standards for young impressionable fans.”

Influencer, Michelle Wozniak, also shaded Beer by posting a TikTok with the same audio as Khalifa. However, in her video, she got lip fillers, and captioned it by asking fans when she should start “denying” the lip filler injections. 


so i got bottom lip filler last week… when should i start denying it ☕️ thank you @kristinakitsosrn love my lips! follow her IG @kristinakitsos

♬ original sound – makayladid

Although Beer made an initial statement to defend her situation, she ended the response by stating that she’s no longer going to give this situation any more attention. Rather, she’s going to continue to pursue music, and focus on her fans and supporters. 

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