Dixie D’Amelio Released Her First Single, “Be Happy”

Courtesy: Instagram

On April 2nd, The D’Amelio Family posted a video of Dixie’s vocals on their family TikTok account. The video was from four years ago, when Dixie was 14 years old. She sang a cover of Meghan Trainor’s song, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”, and when the video was posted, it was the first time that fans knew about Dixie’s hidden talent.  


Dixie never lets me post these videos. That’s why everyone thinks Charli got all the attention. She do be singing doe. @dixiedamelio

♬ original sound – dameliofamilyofficial

Then, on June 14th, after many requests from fans, Dixie posted an updated video on TikTok, featuring her vocals. It was an unedited acapella video of a song called, “Be Happy”. This was the first time that she acknowledged and embraced her vocal abilities on her social media. 

Celebrities, social media influencers, and fans (who were previously unaware of D’Amelio’s talent) rushed to the comment section to praise the social media star. 

Even former Sway House member/up and coming musician, Jaden Hossler, was taken aback by D’Amelio’s post. 

Hossler (also known as “jxdn”) recently signed with DTA Records and released his latest single, “Angels & Demons” on May 18th. 

Viewers were pleading for Hossler and D’Amelio to collaborate on a song together. However, while that has yet to happen, two days ago, D’Amelio surprised social media with an Instagram post. The post contained the date, “06/26/20”, with a melting cloud right above it. 

Fans were quick to guess that D’Amelio was either releasing a single, or an entire album on the 26th.

After much anticipation, last night at midnight, the TikTok star officially added a “musician” title to her name. She released the full song that was previously performed on TikTok. 

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link in bio 🖤☁️

A post shared by Dixie D’Amelio ☁️🖤 (@dixiedamelio) on

The song is called, “Be Happy”, and is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. 

Many influencers, such as Larray and Sebastian Topete showed their support for Dixie through their Instagram stories. 

D’Amelio’s boyfriend/Sway House member, Griffin Johnson, also promoted “Be Happy” on his social media. He stated that he was really happy for her, and urged fans to stream the song on all platforms. 

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