Shane Dawson Issues A Public Apology To Address His Past, But Here’s Why People Are Still Mad

Courtesy: YouTube

Several days ago, social media star, Jenna Marbles, announced her departure from YouTube. Marbles addressed some of her old content related to blackface, slut-shaming, and racist remarks (she has since privated those videos), and admitted that she no longer wanted to make content that offended people. So, she was planning on leaving YouTube. Whether or not it’s a permanent decision has not been determined, but the internet didn’t handle the news well.

Fans, celebrities, and social media stars have expressed their sadness for Marbles’ departure, and showed their appreciation for the influencer.

However, after Marbles took accountability, people began comparing her to other YouTubers, who have yet to address their past. One popular YouTuber that has been receiving a lot of negative attention lately, is none other than Shane Dawson.

Well, yesterday, Dawson uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “Taking Accountability”.

In the video, he addresses the backlash, as well as past, insensitive videos. The video was roughly twenty minutes long, and he went into depth about racist jokes that he’s made in the past, and how he feels like the “biggest piece of sh*t in the world”. Dawson also admitted that by “normalizing” black jokes, skits, and saying the ‘n’ word, he was a huge part of the problem. 

Although Dawson stated that the apology was sincere and from his heart, he has since been receiving another wave of hate. The backlash was due to the fact that Dawson stated that he felt “inspired” by Marbles’s video, to create one of his own. 

During this video, Dawson also opened up about his childhood — stating that: “I’ve had a lot of pain. I’ve had a lot of bad things happen to me, a lot of issues with my family”. He then went on to say that a lot of his past jokes stems from the internalized pain of his childhood.

A lot of viewers have been criticizing the YouTuber for “using mental health as an excuse”. 

Dawson ended the video by sharing that he’s willing to lose his career for taking accountability for his actions. “If you accept my apology, thank you. If you don’t, I 100% understand… I’m willing to lose everything. At this point, realizing how many people I’ve hurt, or how many people I’ve inspired to say awful things, is worth losing everything.”

Jaden and Jada Pinkett Smith have also tweeted their response to a clip that resurfaced, involving Willow Smith. In the clip, Willow was 11-years old at the time, and Dawson was staring at a poster of the child, while pretending to touch himself inappropriately.

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