Sway House Member, Anthony Reeves, Issues Public Apology For Past Racist Remarks

Courtesy: Instagram

Four days ago, the TikTokRoom Instagram account posted a series of screenshots, from Sway House member, Anthony Reeves. The screenshots contained racist remarks made by Reeves from three years ago — in which he claimed that it was “okay” to say the ’n’ word, just because his “colored” friends said it. 

Later that same day, Reeves went on Twitter to de-bunk the screenshots. According to the social media star, the screenshots were fake, and he claimed to have never used a racial slur in his life. 

“I would never sat anything to hurt anyone or to affect anyone in anyway. especially a word with such an awful history and meaning behind it”.

Fans were initially quick to believe Reeves, with one fan stating that, “if you zoom in on the screenshots you can tell they are fake”.

However, several screen recordings were later released — proving that the racial slurs used by Reeves were real. 

The videos show Reeves feuding with an account, by the name of: “@ohmanidontusethisanymore”. The owner of the account was trying to educate Reeves, as to why he shouldn’t be using the ’n’ word. That’s when Reeves fired back with more racial slurs. 

The Instagram account has since gone private, due to the fact that they don’t want Reeves to go back and delete his comments. 

Once the screen recordings were released, however, Reeves issued a public apology, via Twitter. 

Reeves starts off the thread, by stating how embarrassed and “deeply regretful” he is. He briefly mentioned that at the time, he wasn’t properly educated, and that he was raised in a different way. 

He claimed that he was quick to deny the screenshots, because he didn’t recognize the person from three years ago. 

“Who I was three years ago is so far removed from who I’ve become I didn’t even recognize myself in those comments, which is why I immediately thought they weren’t my own”.

Reeves ended the apology by promising to attach an action behind his words, and that he’s committed to growing and learning from his past.

This time, fans weren’t so quick to forgive the Sway House member. 

Some people claimed that they were disappointed, while members of the POC community stated that they’re tired of being so quick to forgive white influencers, for not taking accountability. 

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