Photographer, Bryant Eslava, Issues A Public Apology For Past Exploitation

Courtesy: Instagram

About a week ago, a Twitter user by the name of “@watssuptho”, posted a series of screenshots on her page. The screenshots were of Bryant Eslava asking her for revealing photos. Eslava is known for his influencer photography, and has worked with popular social media creators, such as: Charli D’amelio, David Dobrik, Addison Rae, the Dolan Twins, Emma Chamberlain, and more. 

The screenshots were from 8 years ago, and took place on the once popular app, Tumblr. Eslava (now 27) was 19 years-old at the time, and was still in the early stages of his career.

Eslava had made a post on Tumblr, encouraging his followers to contact him if they’d like to do a photoshoot. 

Well, one user by the name of “@briefcasemoney” (@watssuptho on Twitter) inquired about the photoshoot, and provided a detailed summary about who she was, how tall she was, etc. 

Eslava responded with immediate enthusiasm, and asked the fan to email photos of her in a “simple black bra and black underwear.”

When the girl expressed that she was uncomfortable and unsure taking a half nude photo, Eslava stated that it was “necessary”, since agencies “want to see your body figure and height”.

Once these screenshots were released, Eslava was receiving an outpour of backlash.

Eventually, the photographer posted an apology statement on Twitter.

In the apology, he stated that he initially wanted to be a fashion photographer, before becoming an influencer photographer later on. He also admitted that the screenshots were, in fact, true, and that he was “excited about the attention that I was getting from other photographers, and quite honestly, girls”.

Eslava ended the tweet by apologizing to any girl that was uncomfortable by his behavior, and promising that he’s grown over these past eight years. 

“Although I am disappointed in myself and my actions, I am proud to say that they are not a representation of who I am today. I have learned and grown so much as a photographer, but more importantly — a person”.

However, the public wasn’t quick to forgive the photographer. 

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