Shane Dawson Responds To Tati Westbrook’s video: “Breaking My Silence”

Courtesy: YouTube/Instagram

As you may or may not already know, over the past week or so, Shane Dawson has been facing a lot of backlash.

Multiple videos/audio clips resurfaced of the popular YouTuber doing blackface, using racist terminology, joking about finding a six year-old “sexy”, and pretending to fondle himself to a post of [then] 11 year-old, Willow Smith.

The Willow Smith video resurfaced after Dawson uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “Taking Accountability”.

Once the Willow Smith vídeo began circulating around social media, it reached the Smith family directly. Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith voiced their opinions towards Dawson, stating:

Then, just yesterday, beauty influencer, Tati Westbrook, spoke out against Dawson and Jeffree Star.

Last year, Westbrook was feuding with beauty icon, James Charles, and accused him of disbanding his loyalty towards her. Charles was already facing backlash for allegedly going after “straight” men, and attempting to convince a bi-curious boy, Sam, into thinking that he was either bi-sexual or gay. 

In a now deleted video, Westbrook spoke on the fact that Charles had promoted Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, instead of supporting her Halo Beauty vitamins. She claimed that Charles was a liar and unfaithful, and that she had “receipts”. However, she never provided tangible proof.

Charles uploaded a response video not long after — in which he provided visual proof.

This situation is once again resurfacing, because Westbrook uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “Breaking My Silence”.

In the 40 minute long video, she reiterated the James Charles feud, and stated that up until recently, she’s “remained voiceless”, whenever the public would bring up the 2019 scandal.

Westbrook then went on to admit that she and Charles had reconciled privately, towards the end of 2019. However, she continued the video by apologizing publicly to Charles for her past words, videos, and actions. 

Westbrook revealed that her 2019 video, “Bye Sister”, was not created as a result of her feelings towards Charles’ Sugar Bear Hair sponsorship. Rather, the video was fueled by “all of the poisonous lies that were fed to me by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star”. The vitamin sponsorship was just her breaking point.

Dawson and Star had allegedly pointed out “terrifying information” that could ruin Charles’ career, including an audio file that was sent to Westbrook from Star. He claimed that the audio file was from an alleged victim, with ties to Charles. 

After Westbrook uploaded the video, she stated that she had been voicing her concerns about Charles to Dawson. “I was afraid for him hurting himself. Shane texted me back, and said that I should not be nervous about the 50th floor… That ‘James was a narcissist, and would never do that’”.

She dove into more specific details about the situation, and ended it by claiming that both Dawson and Star were jealous of Charles’ success.

Shane Dawson has since responded to Westbrook’s video through an Instagram livestream.

In the livestream, Dawson has a meltdown, as Westbrook’s latest video is playing in the background. Once he was able to catch his breath, Dawson accused Westbrook of being “manipulative and a fake cryer”. The livestream was only about two minutes long, but it was jam packed with a range of emotions. 

Dawson’s fiancé, Ryland Adams, has also responded to Westbrook’s video in a series of tweets:

Jeffree Star has yet to respond to the accusations. Five days ago, he stated that he was flying to his 103 year-old grandmother’s house, to celebrate her birthday.

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YouTube has also suspended ad revenue on all three of Dawson’s channels (Shane, Shane Glossin’, and ShaneDawsonTV).

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