The Cast of “Phil of the Future” Reunited For Aly & AJ’s “Up All Night” Livestream

Courtesy: YouTube

If you grew up watching Disney Channel’s “Phil of the Future”, then Aly & AJ Michalka have provided you with a real stay-at-home treat. 

On June 24th, Aly & AJ uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “Up All Night”, in which they stayed up all night for charity. The video was approximately 12 hours long, and contained live performances from the duo, appearances from other artists, conversations with other creatives, and finally, a much anticipated “Phil of the Future” cast reunion.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the reunion was held over Zoom, and featured Brenda Song (Tia Deanna Fedichelli), Raviv “Ricky” Ullman (Phil Diffy), Amy Bruckner (Pim Diffy), and of course, Aly Michalka (Keely Teslow).

The reunion started off with Michalka, Ullman, and Song screaming, while Bruckner laughed at the craziness of it all. Then, they all gave a recap of what they’re currently doing. Song and Ullman gushed about their outdoor gardens, and what kind of fruits/vegetables they’re growing. Bruckner revealed that she is currently heading into her third year of law school at UCLA.

Soon thereafter, the “Phil of the Future” discussion began. Michalka asked the three cast members if they remembered filming the show. Ullman and Bruckner drew a blank. According to Ullman, he “was blacked out”. 

However, Michalka did spark up some memories from their Disney days. She brought up the fact that Bruckner and Michalka had made “water babies” out of water balloons. 

The video chat ended with the cast agreeing to have an “in person” reunion, post-COVID19. 

Aly & AJ stated that they organized this “Up All Night” stream to raise money for the following causes: Color of Change, Frontline Foods, Save our Stages, Project Heal, Women’s History Museum, The Art of Elysium, The Trevor Project, Nalleli Cobo, GLAAD, Sierra Club, MusiCares, The Beauty Bus Foundation, and the American Red Cross.

Although the stream itself is free to watch through YouTube, Aly & AJ are selling “Up All Night” t-shirts on their website, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards Color of Change. 

They also have a separate donation page on their website, in which fans can donate an amount of their choice to the above-mentioned organizations.

If you’d like to donate to any of the causes, you can go to:

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