At Age 41, Broadway Star, Nick Cordero, Has Lost His Battle With COVID-19

Nick Cordero was a Tony nominated Broadway actor, who was known for various roles in Broadway musicals, television shows, and films. 

On April 1st, Cordero’s wide, Amanda Kloots, had announced on Instagram that her husband was in the ICU for COVID-19 related complications. 

Shortly after, the hashtag “#WAKEUPNICK” began trending on all social media platforms, and many people began to follow Cordero’s progress.

Kloots updated fans regularly on social media, regarding Cordero’s state of health. 

According to her updates, some days were better than others, but she always continued to keep a positive mindset. 

On April 13th, Kloots posted a screenshot of Cordero’s first original song, called “Live Your Life”. It became the anthem of positivity, and every day at 3PM PST/6PM EST, fans would post videos of themselves dancing and singing along to Cordero’s song. 

On June 25th, Kloots shared another update — in which she admitted that Cordero was “profoundly weak”, and that he has had minor blood infections. Yet, she wasn’t going to stop fighting for him. 

Unfortunately, after 95 days of trying to stay positive, Kloots revealed that Cordero had passed away on July 5th, from corona virus-related complications. He was 41 years-old.

Earlier today, however, Kloots stated that: “3PM PST will forever remind me of Nick now”. She then invited family, friends, and fans to tune into her Instagram live at 3PM, to sing “Live Your Life” one last time. 

At one point, there were more than 38,000 people singing and dancing along to Cordero’s song on the livestream.

Celebrities have also responded to Cordero’s tragic passing, by sending their love and support:

A GoFundMe was organized in Cordero’s name, to help support his family, during their time of need. We understand that people may not have the funds to donate, but even just sharing the GoFundMe page can help tremendously.

Our thoughts go out to Amanda, their son Elvis, and Cordero’s friends/family. 

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