TikToker, “Lil Huddy”, Exposes A List of Influencers, After Getting Dragged On Social Media

Courtesy: Instagram

There’s always something new happening on TikTok, but yesterday turned out to be a field trip for entertainment outlets. 

Popular drama page, TikTokRoom, was posting one thing after another, pertaining to the Chase Hudson, Josh Richards, Nessa Barrett, and Charli D’Amelio drama. 

Yesterday afternoon, there were shady tweets from Sway House and Hype House members. They appeared to be sub-tweeting about someone, and it further escalated when Charli D’Amelio got involved. 

D’Amelio tweeted out, saying, “I hope she was worth it. :)”.

That’s when rumors began to swirl, and fans began to target Hype House co-founder, Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy). Hudson and D’Amelio were in a relationship from late December, until late April.

Fans also noticed that D’Amelio had unfollowed Barrett and Hudson on Instagram. After Hudson and D’Amelio had announced their breakup, Josh Richards revealed that his now-ex girlfriend (Barrett) had been contacted by Hudson for a “hook up”, while he was allegedly still in a relationship with D’Amelio. Bryce Hall and Josh Richards later created a diss track against Hudson, called “Still Softish”.

D’Amelio did not insert herself into that situation. However, although the two ended on good terms, things recently took a turn for the worst, when Hudson responded to yesterday’s Twitter drama.

Afterwards, it was a whirlwind of accusations and responses from popular influencers. 

Jaden Hossler was quick to respond, by accusing Hudson of only providing half of the truth, and then telling him to “sit down and be quiet on social media if you aren’t gonna talk in person”.

Anthony Reeves also got involved, by reminding Hudson of the 4+ other billion girls that he could have chosen.

D’Amelio publicly responded to Hudson’s tweet as well, by accusing Hudson of being secretive about the kiss, before visiting D’Amelio at her home.

Kio Cyr went on TikTok live, to react to the situation. After reading D’Amelio’s tweet, he was so shocked, that he yelled and ran around the room.

Bryce Hall then tweeted out to Josh Richards, inquiring about a “Still Softish 2.0” type of diss track. According to Hall, he wanted the next diss track to permanently end Hudson’s career.

(He later confirmed an upcoming diss track).

Other influencers, such as Danielle Cohn, James Charles, and Diego Martir are also providing their opinions on the situation.

Tana Mongeau even made a TikTok, in which she appeared to shade Hudson.

If you thought the drama ended there, you might want to grab some more popcorn. 

After receiving an overload of backlash for his actions, Hudson broke his silence. He was done being the only person getting backlash. So, he revealed some secrets about former Sway House members.

The cycle didn’t even have time to end, before re-starting. Once again, influencers were attacking Hudson, and claiming that the allegations were false. 

Anthony Reeves tweeted out, and stated that Jaden Hossler and Josh Richards never cheated — at least, he never saw them cheat.

However, Hype House member, Kelianne Stankus, responded to the TikTokRoom Instagram post, by stating that Hossler had allegedly asked her for sex, while he was still in a relationship with TikToker, Mads Lewis.

Although Hossler didn’t respond to that, Charli still had a few choice words for Hudson’s exposé.

She responded, by hinting that Hudson never treated her well throughout their relationship, and that he needs to stop playing the victim card. 

Dixie D’Amelio also responded, by telling Hudson to “stop playing the victim and worry about yourself”.

Dixie is currently dating Griffin Johnson. However, after allegations surfaced of Johnson cheating on Dixie, they have yet to speak out on the matter. In fact, throughout all of this, Dixie was with Charli and their friends, enjoying dinner in a nice restaurant.

Kio Cyr also tweeted out to clear his name, in regards to cheating allegations. Cyr was dating Olivia Ponton, and just a few weeks ago, the two had announced their break-up. Fans began to speculate whether or not Ponton was using Cyr for “clout”, but rumors were shut down once Ponton agreed with Hudson’s accusation.

Ponton responded to Hudson, by stating that, “regarding MY situation: thank you, there is 2 sides to every story”.

Cyr also responded indirectly to Ponton, by tweeting that she was so quick to believe rumors. He goes on to admit that while he was heartbroken over the breakup, she was partying.

Nessa Barrett has yet to respond to the drama, but Hudson and Barrett have since unfollowed one another on social media. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates!

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