Addison Rae Returns To Social Media, And Issues A Public Apology

Courtesy: Bryant

Since June 28th, TikToker, Addison Rae, has been MIA from all social media accounts. This was in response to past racist allegations. A screenshot of Rae’s Twitter account from 2016 resurfaced, in which she had reposted an “All Lives Matter” Facebook video. For those who are unaware, “All Lives Matter” is portrayed as an oppositional slogan to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Although Rae never directly stated it, in the 2016 video that she had reposted, the woman calls the Black Lives Matter movement a “cult”.

The social media break also came after Rae was accused of ‘blackfishing’ by the public. She had posted a video of herself getting glammed up on Snapchat, and in the video, her skin tone appears to be darker than her natural tone. Between the “All Lives Matter” video, and this Snapchat, Rae took an unannounced hiatus from social media.

During her disappearance, rumors began to swirl. According to one Twitter user, Sheri Nicole (Addison Rae’s mother) reportedly tweeted and deleted that Rae was in the hospital. However, there is no confirmed proof of Sheri’s tweet.

Afterwards, people assumed that Rae had attempted to drown herself (due to the outpour of hate), and that’s why she ended up in the hospital. 

However, after days of speculation, Bryce Hall (Rae’s rumored boyfriend) went on Instagram live and confirmed that Rae was alright. He also stated that the drowning allegations were false. 

Soon after, fans discovered that the popular TikToker had been hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian. Kardashian had posted an Instagram video on July 5th, and although Rae was not physically in the video, Kardashian made sure to tag Rae.

Yesterday, however, Rae broke her silence to issue a public Twitter apology. In the statement, she goes on to apologize for her past actions, and admitted that she was extremely uneducated on the subject four years ago. She also promised to use her privilege to further educate herself on the Black Lives Matter movement. According to Rae, she wants to become a better ally towards the Black community. 

There is currently a mix of responses to Rae’s apology. While some fans forgive Rae’s past actions, others are fighting back — stating that unless they [themselves] are Black, it’s not their apology to accept.

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