“I’m okay. I have NOT been kidnapped”: Howie Mandel States That He’s Safe, Amidst Captivity Allegations

Courtesy: Instagram

Howie Mandel is best known for hosting CNBC’s “Deal or No Deal”, as well as serving as a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”.

In April, a handful of people have noticed a different type of behavior, within the television host. Within the past month, however, it became progressively noticeable and more apparent. Fans have theorized that Mandel is being held captive by somebody. 

The comments began on June 18th, when Mandel posted a TikTok of himself under a bed. The way that he was moving, and the way in which he was gripping his neck, was concerning to the public. One user asked who Mandel was hiding from.

In the next video (posted on June 21st), fans noted that Mandel had bruises under his eyes, and on his nose. 

“His nose and under his eyes are bruised!! it wasn’t there last vid and in the 2 above this, its healed now but still there!! be safe howie”, one fan commented. 

Some fans, however, are trying to debunk the assumption, by claiming that the “eye bruises” are either shadows, or bags under his eyes.

Each of Mandel’s TikToks became more and more cryptic, as there were more signs of distress in his body language. 

TikTok creator, @baldiyadi, has been constantly uploading videos, to break down possible clues. 

On July 3rd, Mandel posted a TikTok, in which he created a DIY “shoe stuff” bag. People were quick to realize several things about this video. Some people noticed that Mandel appeared to be jittery and nervous, while others noticed that when he wrote “s” twice, it looked like two 5’s. 

According to the Police Conduct website, in the UK, if someone dials 999 and can not speak, they can press 55 to connect them with the police department.

YouTube influencer, David Dobrik, has even shown concern towards the television host. Mandel has been featured in a handful of Dobrik’s vlogs, and the two were spotted a lot together, pre-pandemic. 

Two days ago, Dobrik commented on one of Mandel’s TikToks, with the following statement:

Yesterday, however, Mandel uploaded a TikTok, in which he stated that he “is fine”, and that he appreciates his fans worrying about him. Throughout the video, Mandel was dancing and flailing his arms about.

Although a few fans believed him and stated that Mandel was “just being humorous”, many people refused to believe it.

Content creators, such as: Undos, Adam Rose, Cierra Mistt, and more have expressed their concern in the comment section.

One user, by the name of “@suebobb”, re-uploaded Mandel’s most recent TikTok, and zoomed into his head. In the video, the top left side of Mandel’s head appears to have “glitched” — implying that he is standing in front of a green screen, and that he is not in his home. 

In a different part of the video, Mandel’s elbow appears to partially go through the lamp.

We hope that Mandel is alright, and that his friends are able to check on him!

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