The Mayor of Calabasas Is Furious With Jake Paul, After Throwing A Massive Party

Courtesy: Instagram

About five days ago, Jake Paul threw a massive party at his Team 10 mansion. Paul is known for his elaborate extravaganzas, and if this were any other time, many people would be envious that they weren’t invited.

However, in the midst of a global pandemic, people were furious at Paul, for being “irresponsible and careless”. The party (which later turned into a music video set) was filled with other influencers. Nobody was seen wearing masks, or social distancing. Social media stars that attended Paul’s rager, include: Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, Leslie Golden, Daisy Keech, and more. 

As soon as videos of the party were posted onto social media, influencers were immediately attacked for not following social distancing rules:


hahahahahaha like GET DOWN @brycehall #BRADDISON 😍😍😍😍😍

♬ original sound – tanamongeaulol

COVID-19 cases have been drastically increasing in the state of California, forcing the state to revert back to Phase 2. According to an ABC7 news article, all bars, indoor dining, movie theaters, gyms, indoor museums/zoos, non-essential offices, places of worship, hair/nail salons, cardrooms, family entertainment centers, and other personal services have recently been forced to shut back down. 

According to the Los Angeles mayor, any type of large gatherings are still strictly prohibited, as gatherings are a major pinpoint for spreading the virus. 

Per FOX LA news reporter, Bill Melugin, the mayor of Calabasas (Alicia Weintraub) is reportedly “furious”, upon hearing of Paul’s party. He goes onto state that the mayor (as well as Paul’s neighbors) find it “irresponsible, selfish, & say it’s businesses & workers who pay the price for this w/ lockdowns”.

On July 8th, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, retweeted the following statement, by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti:

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