Addison Rae Kindly Asks Fans Not To Body Shame Her, In One of Her Recent TikTok Videos

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Addison Rae is a Hype House member, best known for her trendy TikTok dances and positive spirit.

Within the past month, however, Rae has received backlash for numerous things — the main being an old “All Lives Matter” video that Rae had re-posted, from 2016.

Since then, it seems like fans are continuing to attack the 19-year-old TikToker, for more than just her past. 

Recently, fans have been body shaming Rae for “gaining weight”. On July 12th, TikTokRoom reposted a video from a Charli D’Amelio fan account. The video was originally an interview filmed by The Hollywood Fix, and in the clip, you can see Rae briefly touch her stomach.

The fan account’s caption read, “is @addisonre ….. pregnant?”. It wasn’t long before Rae saw the video, and she left the following comment:

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addison comments

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Luckily, fans were quick to come to Rae’s defense. One fan blatantly stated that, “I feel so bad for her. Idk why people body shame, it’s 2020 grow up”. Another called Rae perfect and said that she is stunning.

Yesterday, Rae uploaded a video on TikTok, dancing to “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion. In the video, Rae can be seen wearing a two piece swimsuit.


me forgetting the savage dance by @keke.janajah

♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

In the comment section, she wasted no time before asking fans not to mention her weight.

The comment section was flooded with positivity and compliments towards the social media star. 

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as to whether or not they like a public figure, body shaming and bullying is never the answer. Although people may assume that Rae is “too busy” to read the hate comments, it’s clear now that she’s well-aware of them.

She also has a primarily younger fan base. So, if they read that people view Rae as “overweight”, then it’s just going to make those younger fans feel more insecure about themselves. 

One fan even commented under Rae’s video, stating that she “hasn’t eaten in 2 days”. While it may have been a joke (since she was trying to get Rae to respond), Rae replied by telling her to eat. 

This year is filled with enough negativity — from a global pandemic, to murder hornets, wildfires and more. Please try and spread more positivity, because you never know what somebody could be going through, behind the scenes. 

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