Madelyn Cline Recreated This Iconic Outer Banks Scene, and Chase Stokes Caught It All On Camera

Courtesy: Netflix

It’s been over a month since Outer Banks actors, Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes announced the confirmation of their relationship to the world. Since then, the two have gone on trips to Atlanta, Florida, and more to spend time with their families. 

Recently, an Outer Banks trend has been circulating on TikTok. The trend involves people dancing to an infamous scene from the show, when Topper Thornton tries to confess his love for Sarah Cameron. 

The dance was originally created by TikTok users, @ammydollasign and her boyfriend, @landwindham_. Their dance was initially made as a joke, but people quickly latched on to the dance. 


had TOO much fun with this idk why tik tok won’t let me post 😤 @langwindham_ #fyp #outerbanks

♬ original sound – chessa.maria

Two other TikTok users, @zurffffffff and @lizzzzzzzzz13e, created a different version of the dance and uploaded a video the following day.

The dance quickly became a viral trend, and it even caught the attention of Topper Thornton himself, Austin North. On July 13th, North uploaded a TikTok, reenacting the Outer Banks scene. He obviously played the part of Topper, while four other girls danced along to Sarah Cameron’s line.

As if that wasn’t hilarious enough, two days ago, Chase Stokes uploaded a TikTok of Madelyn (along with their friends) learning the “Topper” dance. Stokes turned it into a comedic skit, as he announced that he was “so over this Topper bull sh*t”.

He then proceeded to fake yell at the group.

“Hey, no more Topper! No!”. The video ended with the girls continuing to recite Sarah Cameron’s lines, while attempting the dance. 


No more topper. @austinnorth I love being seen with you. Also the idea of you.

♬ original sound – hichasestokes

Lilah Pate (one of the four women on the boat) uploaded the full dance/scene recreation onto her TikTok account.


I got a lil excited and messed up. Oops. @madelyn_cline @sophialstrahan @hichasestokes @isabellastrahan

♬ original sound – chessa.maria

The videographer was none other than John B himself, Chase Stokes. Stokes revealed himself at the end, and he looked confused, mortified, and embarrassed all at the same time. It was absolutely hilarious, and the OBX fans thought so as well.

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