One Direction Fans Are Anxiously Awaiting Zayn Malik’s Acknowledgement Post

Courtesy: The X Factor

It’s officially been ten years since One Direction started, and so far, a lot has happened.

Last night, iHeartRadioCA released a minute and a half YouTube video, of One Direction’s unseen moments. Well, fans were NOT impressed. Many accused the streaming platform of being “lazy” and not putting in enough effort.

Shorty after, the hashtag “iHeartisoverparty” began trending on Twitter.

This morning, a One Direction ten-year anniversary website was launched. The website consists of 1D playlists, band footage, behind the scenes content, and a timeline of the band’s journey, from start to finish.

Unfortunately, the website has been down all day, after directioners “broke the internet”. The website’s message was actually quite hilarious:

The ten year anniversary of One Direction has almost come to an end, and 4/5 of the original members have spoken out about their time in the band. 

Harry Styles expressed his gratitude for the band, and how it’s led him to where he is today. He thanked the One Direction fans for their support and love throughout the years, and provided a heartfelt sentiment towards the other One Direction members. 

“And finally.. to the boys, I love you so much, and I couldn’t be prouder of everything we achieved together. Here’s to ten. H”.

Niall Horan posted a photo of the band on stage at one of their concerts, and admitted that when he first met the “four gents, there was no way I thought we would go on to do what we did”.

He also thanked the fans for supporting them throughout the past ten years, and admitted that One Direction will always be such a major part of his life. 

Liam Payne posted a screenshot of the first text that he had sent his father, upon forming One Direction. The text read, “Im in a boyband”, and was send on July 23rd, 2010. 

Payne went on to state that he “had no idea what we were in for when I sent this text to my Dad ten years ago”. He then thanked his supporters for sticking by his side over the past ten years, and gave a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the One Direction members for embarking on the experience of a lifetime with him. 

Louis Tomlinson uploaded the first photo that the boys ever took together, as an official band. He stated that he’s “incredibly proud” of the memories that were made, and the journey that they all took together. Similarly to the other bandmates, Tomlinson thanked the members, as well as the fans, for everything that he has today. 

While fans were ecstatic to see these posts, the One Direction fandom were quick to notice that Zayn Malik has yet to post on social media. 

Fans have been flooding Malik’s Instagram all day, with comments of sadness and disappointment.

Since Malik is dating supermodel, GiGi Hadid, people have also been flooding her Instagram with comments about the former One Direction member. 

“Can you please tell zayn to say something about the 10th anniversary plss we’re waiting we love you!”, one fan commented. 

There’s still a few hours left, before the clock strikes twelve. Hopefully, Malik will say something before then. If not, then maybe the One Direction members have something planned behind the scenes in the near future. 

The future is unknown, and anything is possible. In the mean time, the official One Direction Instagram page have posted dates and times to watch remastered versions of the band’s hit music videos.

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