Grayson Dolan May Have Just Confirmed Ethan Dolan’s Long-Distance Girlfriend

Courtesy: The Dolan Twins

On July 27th, The Dolan Twins uploaded a new YouTube video, titled: “I Surprised Him With His Least Favorite TikToker”. In the video, Ethan Dolan surprised Grayson Dolan with one of the Hype House co-founders, Thomas Petrou. In the past, Grayson had admitted that Petrou resembled his appearance. According to Ethan, however, Grayson has always worked hard to stand out from the crowd. So, when he realized that Petrou looked similar to him, Grayson became a bit flustered.

To get revenge for randomly surprising him with his doppelgänger, Grayson called a paparazzi from The Hollywood Fix. One week ago, The Dolan Twins addressed fan assumptions, and one of those assumptions pertained to Ethan’s relationship. Although he refrained from going into detail, Ethan did confirm that he’s in a committed relationship.

Fans have since assumed that Ethan’s girlfriend is none other than Kristina Alice. Alice played the role of Ethan’s love interest, in the 2018 “Hawaiian Party” music video. The two shared a passionate kiss towards the end of the video, and since 2019, fans have speculated a possible relationship. 

Dolan fans have done their research, and they’ve noticed multiple encounters, such as: the two were posting at the same places, shoes/articles of clothing, and fans even recognized Ethan’s hand holding onto Kristina’s face. 

Although no name was mentioned in Grayson’s ambush video, revealing questions were created around those events. Grayson included a question about Ethan’s hand being in the photo with Kristina, and he even exposed their anniversary date: October 12th, 2019.

While speaking to the viewers, Grayson admitted that Ethan’s relationship was long distance, and that Ethan was almost always preoccupied on FaceTime with his significant other. Well, Kristina Alice currently resides in Australia, and due to the ongoing pandemic, traveling is advised against.

When it came time for The Hollywood Fix reporter to bombard Ethan with relationship questions, it became incredibly awkward. Ethan was sitting in their car with the windows rolled down, while Grayson was recording from around the corner. He had nowhere to go, since Grayson had also taken the car keys. The Q&A session was very awkward for both parties, and Ethan’s face grew redder upon each question. 

After Grayson admitted that the interview was just a set up, Ethan revealed that he does have plans to discuss his relationship, during an episode of their podcast — Deeper With The Dolan Twins.

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