Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio Have Reportedly Split, Due to Cheating Allegations

Courtesy: Instagram

Rumors began swirling in March of this year, regarding Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson’s relationship. On March 4th, Johnson posted several photos of the two on Instagram, and captioned the post with a simple heart.

A few days later, Dixie posted a series of Instagram photos, highlighting her wisdom teeth surgery. The first photo included Johnson smiling, as D’Amelio held ice packs against her face.

The two began making cameos in one another’s TikTok videos, and fans quickly began shipping the duo.

On May 3rd, D’Amelio posted a YouTube video, from the day she got her wisdom teeth taken out, and Johnson can be seen numerous times throughout the video. He had been there to take care of her, and he also seemed to be getting along wonderfully with the D’Amelio family. 

Recently, however, a TikTok was posted by Madison Galley, in which she “exposed” Johnson. The TikTok included screenshots of flirty conversations that the two had through Snapchat and Instagram. Johnson had reportedly asked Galley for her Snapchat, and then stated that he was single. 

Well, it wasn’t too long before D’Amelio saw the video and simply commented a series of ellipses. 

At the end of the TikTok, Galley included a screenshot of D’Amelio direct messaging her on Instagram. 

Fans were initially trying to debunk the video and some claimed that it was photoshop. However, shortly after the video went viral, TikTokRoom revealed that D’Amelio had unfollowed Johnson on both Instagram and Twitter. 

Many fans are now claiming that Chase Hudson was “right all along”. On July 7th, Chase “LilHuddy” Hudson found himself wrapped up in drama, after admitting that he kissed Nessa Barrett, while allegedly ‘talking’ to Charli D’Amelio. Barrett is Josh Richard’s ex-girlfriend, and while Barrett and Hudson were both single at the time, they received a ton of backlash.

Hudson was even getting hate from other influencers, and it fueled him to expose a list of Sway House members, and their past wrongdoings. 

One of the people on his list was Griffin Johnson, and Hudson claimed that Johnson had allegedly cheated on Dixie with two women (that he knew of). Johnson and D’Amelio were quick to deny the accusation, and many people had accused Hudson of lying. 

After Thursday night’s events, however, many fans are now apologizing to Hudson for not believing him. 

Hype House co-founder, Thomas Petrou, also commented on the situation: “Guess Chase wasn’t lying after all”.

Although nothing was directly confirmed, D’Amelio tweeted out the following yesterday:

She had also asked people to stop sending hate to Johnson, and that it wouldn’t solve anything. D’Amelio has since gone private on Twitter. 

Johnson has also tweeted out, and while he did not address the situation, he spoke out about hate comments, and how too much backlash may be what pushes someone to their breaking point.

Hopefully, D’Amelio and Johnson will handle this situation behind the scenes, and away from the internet. In the mean time, a huge congratulations goes out to D’Amelio, for graduating from high school yesterday afternoon. 

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