Tayshia Adams To Replace Clare Crawley In Season 16 of “The Bachelorette”

Courtesy: Instagram/GMA

On March 2, during a GMA special, it was revealed that Clare Crawley would be the next Bachelorette. Due to the global pandemic, however, filming was delayed, and there were even rumors that Crawley’s season may have been cancelled, altogether. 

Luckily, that wasn’t the case, and filming was set to begin in mid-July. However, on Saturday, August 1st, a Reddit user posted unverified information about Crawley’s season. According to the Reddit user, there were reportedly many difficulties between production and Crawley during filming. This ended with Crawley allegedly being recasted by Tayshia Adams. Adams was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor”. She was also on Season 6 of “The Bachelor in Paradise”.

Bachelor enthusiast, Steve Carbone (@realitysteve) stated that although he wasn’t able to confirm it at the time, he believed that there was some validity to the replacement. 

According to an article by Life & Style magazine, Crawley is already engaged to one of The Bachelorette contestants — former football player, Dale Moss. Per one of their sources, “Clare threatened to quit the show after only 12 days of filming because she had ‘already fallen in love’ with Dale”.

Carbone also theorized that Crawley and Moss may have been romantically speaking before filming even began — which could explain why their journey was so fast-paced.

Although Adams will end up replacing Crawley, viewers will still be able to watch Moss and Crawley’s love story unfold. “The Bachelorette” is scheduled to premiere in September. 

Details have yet to be announced, regarding Adams’ candidate lineup, safety precautions, start date, etc. The only thing that we can confirm for certain is that Adams is currently in quarantine at La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, California. 

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