Dixie D’Amelio Throws Major Shade At Griffin Johnson In Her Latest YouTube Video

Courtesy: YouTube

After a TikTok was posted, showing proof of Griffin Johnson’s alleged cheating, fans noticed that D’Amelio had unfollowed Johnson on all social media platforms.

Charli D’Amelio has also unfollowed Johnson, and Dixie posted this cryptic tweet:

A few days ago, the breakup was practically confirmed, when a reporter from The Hollywood Fix approached Dixie at LAX. She was just getting back to Los Angeles, after attending her high school graduation ceremony in Connecticut.

The reporter was sincere about her feelings towards the breakup, and although he refrained from directly asking, he did proceed to inquire about possible new love interests.

However, Dixie was quick to shut that down, and stated that she was going to focus on herself for the time being.

Well, on August 2nd, Dixie uploaded a new video on YouTube. The video was titled, “My Last Date With Griffin”, and was her way of confirming the breakup, without feeling pressured to do so.

Towards the beginning of the video, Dixie revealed that although she and Johnson had recently broken up, the video was edited and planned for quite some time now. So, after including her disclaimer, she proceeded to show footage of the ex-couple going on their first private helicopter ride.

Since the news broke of Johnson and D’Amelio’s breakup, Johnson has been receiving major backlash from fans. The negative comments have accumulated, to the point where Johnson has turned off all of the comments on his TikTok account.

D’Amelio had previously asked fans not to send hate to Johnson. According to D’Amelio, negative comments will not fix anything.

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