David Henrie Is Throwing A Special Premiere Party With Selena Gomez, For His Latest Film, “This Is The Year”

Courtesy: Instagram

Yesterday, Henrie surprised fans with a video that he recorded, featuring Selena Gomez. Fans automatically assumed that an official Wizards of Waverly Place reunion was happening. 

However, their assumptions took a turn when the D’Amelio sisters (Charli and Dixie) announced their involvement in the project. 


Hmm @charlidamelio @davidhenrie

♬ original sound – dixiedamelio

After almost 24 hours of pining for an answer, Henrie finally announced the details of the mystery project. 

Unfortunately for Wizards of Waverly Place fans, the project doesn’t consist of an official full cast reunion/reboot.

In an informational video, Henrie and Gomez announced that their collaboration is in relation to Henrie’s coming of age film, “This Is The Year”.

The film is David’s first directorial debut, alongside his brother, Lorenzo Henrie. 

Courtesy: Bold Entertainment

David revealed that the film is set to premiere on August 28th, and that anyone is welcome to attend the virtual party. 

Although the premiere is available to all, viewers must purchase a movie ticket. The ticket is $11.99 USD, and all proceeds will go towards the Plus1 COVID-19 Relief Fund

The full night of events will consist of the following:

And to all of the Wizards of Waverly Place fans out there, although this isn’t an official cast reunion, you’ll be seeing some familiar faces in the movie.

Some of the WOWP cast is involved in the movie, such as: Gregg Sulkin (Mason Greyback), David Henrie (Justin Russo), and Jeff Garlin (Uncle Kelbo).

If you’d like to purchase tickets for the premiere, you can go to: https://thisistheyear.film/cart

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