This Hype House Member Was Body-Shamed, and People Were NOT Having It

Courtesy: Instagram

Although public figures may be living a life of luxury, it sure comes with a price to pay. Every day, they put themselves out on the internet, for the world to judge and critique them. If they’re having a bad hair day, they get judged. If they’re walking their dog with a messy bun, stained sweatpants, and a sweaty t-shirt, then that shot would be considered “paparazzi worthy”. 

Many public figures have also had to face numerous body-shaming comments. TikTok star, Chase Hudson, has been facing hate for months, regarding his thin figure. People have even gone as far, as to compare his arms to “noodles”. 

Charli D’Amelio has also been bullied, regarding her weight. In April, after posting a photo of herself in a bikini, she was swarmed with comments, regarding her body shape and appearance. It was so overwhelming, to the point where the 16-year-old social media star deleted the photo, and released the following tweet:

Several days ago, one user targeted Hype House co-founder/member, Kouvr Annon, for her body type. In a now deleted TikTok by @adambilll, he posted inappropriate photos, in which he implied that Annon was “overweight”. (We won’t be posting the video, out of respect for Kouvr).

It wasn’t long before Adam went private on all of his social medias, changed his username, and turned off all of his comments on TikTok. 

Once the video went viral, Annon posted the following statements to her Instagram story:

D’Amelio, outraged, also stood up for her friend, throughout a series of tweets:

Social media users joined together, to flood Annon’s comment section with love and positivity.

No matter the circumstance, bullying is never the answer. You never know what someone could be going through, so please be sure to spread positivity. 

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Screenwriter/Journalist with a passion for storytelling

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