FaZe Rug Announces His First Major Motion Picture Role, Directed By Gregory Plotkin

Courtesy: Instagram

Brian Awadis (FaZe Rug) is a gamer/social media influencer, with over 16 million YouTube subscribers. Awadis joined FaZe Clan — a professional esports and entertainment company — in 2010, and has worked extremely hard to grow his fan base. 

Along with excelling in video games, FaZe Rug has created skits, adventures, and new experiments to keep his fans entertained. Many of his YouTube challenges include his close friends and family, and he is always distributing his wealth amongst those closest to him. 

Yesterday FaZe Rug took to Instagram, to announce his latest project: a feature length film. The film is currently untitled, but FaZe Rug has announced that he will star as the leading role. Gregory Plotkin has also joined the project as a director on the film. Plotkin is best known for his work on Happy Death Day, Paranormal Activity, Get Out, and Hell Fest

The film is the first of FaZe Clan’s newest franchise: The FaZe Clan Cinematic Universe — inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. FaZe Clan first announced their plans back in June.

According to an article by Deadline, the franchise will be a collaboration between FaZe Clan and Invisible Narratives. There will also be a drive-in red carpet premiere event that will be taking place in Los Angeles, sometime during the month of September. 

Plans for the premiere include: “combining car culture, gaming, music and film. Celebrity guests and FaZe members will be ‘driving’ the red carpet with a complete motorcade.” 

FaZe Clan’s newest venture, FaZe Studios, will self-fund and produce the film — alongside Invisible Narratives founders, Adam Goodman and Andrew Sugarman. Simon Boyes has also joined the team as a Screenwriter.

Sugarman admitted that by partnering with FaZe Clan, their hope is that their cinematic films will come across as authentic, yet highly captivating.

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