Bryce Hall Is The Latest Social Media Influencer To Throw A Major Party, Amidst A Global Pandemic

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Although the U.S. is still in the midst of a global pandemic, many social media influencers appear to find themselves exempt from COVID-19. 

Last month, Jake Paul was under fire for throwing a rager in his Calabasas mansion. Over one hundred other influencers attended the party, and it even caught the attention of Calabasas Mayor, Alicia Weintraub. Per an interview with Fox 11 News, Weintraub stated that, “they’re having this large party, no social distancing, no masks, it’s just a big, huge disregard for everything that everybody is trying to do to get things back to functioning.” 

As of August 14th, however, Bryce Hall was the latest influencer to throw a massive party. The party was in celebration of Hall’s 21st birthday, and influencers who attended include: Josh Richards, Tayler Holder, Teala Dunn, Harry Jowsey, Olivia Ponton, Kio Cyr, and Blake Gray, amongst others. 

Hall also became a trending topic on Twitter, after fans found out about his large party. The 21-year-old YouTuber received major backlash, with many former fans confirming that they’ve unfollowed the influencer. 

A Twitter thread was also created, by Def Noodles, in which they revealed more information, regarding the party. According to the Twitter page, Hall’s party allegedly had over one hundred influencers in attendance, and their Hollywood Hills party was finally shut down by the LAPD at around 4AM.

There are also rumors that Bryce Hall’s alleged relationship with Addison Rae is in hot water, due to the events that took place last night. Several videos from the party have been leaked, showing female strippers sensually dancing in Hall’s lap. 

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Earlier today, Rae tweeted the following:

Although “Braddison” was never officially confirmed by either party, fans have assumed that Rae’s tweets were directed towards Hall.  

One TikTok has since gone viral, which shows Hall trying to get up and leave, before the strippers arrive. In the video, we see Hall’s friends blocking him from leaving, and pushing him back into the chair. While some fans targeted Hall’s friends for allegedly “breaking up Braddison”, other fans claimed that the video was in response to the male strippers. 

Another video shows a male stripper in a police officer uniform. The man begins to dance, and as he approaches Hall, he stands up to try and exit. That’s when his friends stop him from leaving.

Other influencers, such as Tyler Oakley, Matthew Espinosa, and Elijah Daniel, have also spoken out about their thoughts, regarding Hall’s birthday bash:

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