James Charles Gave JoJo Siwa The Ultimate Makeover, And The Results Are Uncanny

Courtesy: YouTube

James Charles (21) and JoJo Siwa (17) are from two different worlds, and yet, both rose to fame in 2015. Siwa’s career began at the age of 12, when she first appeared on “Dance Moms”. Meanwhile, Charles’ career began after he joined the YouTube beauty community as a makeup artist. 

Both Charles and Siwa grew tremendously in their careers, and even shifted their focus towards marketing and business. In 2018, Charles launched his Morphe x James Charles eyeshadow palette, and it sold out within minutes. Charles also owns his own clothing line (Sister’s Apparel), ran a beauty competition show [via YouTube], and actively posts makeup tutorials/celebrity collaboration videos onto his YouTube channel. His net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Siwa also has a billion dollar business empire, which reflects her public image. Siwa is known for her unique style, which includes sneakers, loud jewelry, comfortable t-shirts, and of course, her signature scrunchies. According to an article by Forbes, Siwa’s franchise has sold over 80 million bows.

“Even if you take a conservative estimate, that’s $400 million generated by bow sales alone.”

Per an article by Celebrity Net Worth, Siwa’s net worth is also estimated to be $12 million. 

Due to their passion and motivation for the entertainment industry, it’s not a surprise that two of the biggest influencers have collaborated together. Earlier today, Charles uploaded a YouTube video, titled: “Giving JoJo Siwa A FULL MAKEOVER!”.

Towards the beginning, we can see Siwa dressed in bright, sparkly colors. She has glitter and stickers on her face, as well as her iconic blue, sparkly bow. 

According to JoJo, “I went full JoJo, ‘cause I need to feel the most JoJo. So, that way when I’m so not — when I’m NoJo — then, like, I’m good. Yano?”

Charles briefly interviewed Siwa during her makeover, and it was revealed that Charles had previously asked Siwa to collaborate on a video in 2018. However, due to the fact that Siwa was too young, and hadn’t shown a different side to her, Siwa respectfully declined. 

She went on to explain that TikTok has gotten her out of her shell, and that through the popular social media app, she was able to explore a different side of herself. 



♬ original sound – itsjojosiwa

Siwa opened up about her “Dance Moms” days, and stated that she’s very grateful that the show provided her with such a massive platform. 

Charles quickly transitioned into talking about the business side of things, and asked Siwa to name all of the products that are available for sale. Some of which she listed includes: JoJo bedding, JoJo accessories, JoJo toys, and JoJo apparel. The JoJo Siwa brand (managed by Nickelodeon) is worth over one billion dollars. 

They spoke about Siwa’s future goals, performing on stage, and the two briefly sang “Electric Love” by Børns.

Finally, it was time for Charles to reveal the new JoJo Siwa — technically, Joelle Siwa. 

Siwa’s prediction was indeed correct. She looked completely different after her makeup transformation, and even fans were caught off guard. 

Some people even mistook Siwa for beauty influencer, Nikkie Tutorials.

Siwa admitted that while it’s not her every-day appearance, she really loved her final look. 

“You did a wonderful job on the makeup and the hair… I feel like a different version. I feel like I’m Joelle right now”.

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