Miley Cyrus Shares A Compilation of Memories To Honor Her “Mammie”

Courtesy: Instagram

On Saturday, August 22nd, Miley Cyrus took to Instagram, to inform fans of her grandmother’s passing. Loretta Jean Finley (most commonly known as “mammie”) was always so supportive of Miley’s career. Miley shared specific moments from when “mammie” was present at events, such as “The Last Song” red carpet premiere in 2010. 

During the night of the red carpet premiere, an ABC news reporter can be seen interviewing Cyrus’s grandmother. After politely asking what title he should address her as, Lorraine told the reporter to call her “mammie”. That moment, in itself, portrayed her as such a gentle, positive soul.

Miley also shared an old Disney Channel music video. The video featured Demi Lovato, and Lorraine can be seen making a brief cameo appearance.

In 2015, Miley appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, in which she discussed a baking sketch that she had filmed with her mammie. Snoop Dogg was an another celebrity chef involved in the sketch, and their dessert dish was none other than brownies. During the Jimmy Kimmel interview, Miley revealed that Lorraine was smitten with Snoop Dogg from the very beginning. 

Yesterday, during one of her three tribute posts, Miley also admitted that the brownies from the sketch contained traces of marijuana in them, and that Lorraine had consumed them. 

According to Miley, her mammie was such a huge beauty icon. In fact, she recalled a specific incident, in which she had injured her finger. Miley had gotten cut by a blender, and she was being rushed to the hospital for wound reparations. However, before entering the hospital, mammie stopped the car and wouldn’t let Cyrus into the hospital, without applying powder to her face.

“We gotta put on powder, because you never know who’s going to be in there”.

In April, during an episode of “Bright Minded”, Miley admitted that Lorraine was in a nursing home, and that she feared for her well being, due to COVID-19. However, she was taking the proper precautions to distance herself from both her mother and her grandmother, to keep the both of them safe.

Mammie appeared to be such a vibrant support system in Miley’s life, and we extend our deepest condolences to the Cyrus family. 

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