Has Addison Rae Changed Since Rising To Social Media Fame?

Courtesy: Instagram

Many people hold celebrities on a high pedestal, and while they may be living a life of luxury, most of them are just like us. Unless born into a famous family, many stars grew up going to public school, where they first met their hometown friends.

Before becoming a famous TikTok star, Addison Rae grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana. While living there, she established her own relationships, friendships, and identity. Recently, a TikTok by @gracieahart went viral. The TikTok depicts a once close-knit friendship between Grace and Addison — from beach days to road trips. 


When @addisonre was your actual tracy.. #fyp

♬ Yea Tracy – _thatkidbryce_

Grace captioned the video, “When @addisonre was your actual tracy…”. Several hours after the video was posted, Addison Rae commented the following:

However, it wasn’t long before the public began flooding the comment section with accusations. While some people were quick to accuse Rae of abandoning her hometown friends, others assumed that Rae had changed her whole persona, after moving to LA.

“Sad to see how people change after they get ‘famous’”, one user commented. 

Another girl assumed that Rae doesn’t associate with Grace anymore. However, Grace responded, to clear up any misconceptions.

After noticing an overwhelming amount of hate, Rae responded to further address the accusations. Per her response, her friendship with Grace stemmed from a previous relationship with a boy from her hometown. Grace is her ex-boyfriend’s sister. However, although she no longer speaks to her ex-boyfriend, she still communicates with Grace on occasion. The friendship is allegedly not as vibrant, due to the fact that she moved four hours away from where Grace lived, to attend university.

Shortly after Rae commented on Grace’s video, TikTokRoom re-posted her response onto their public Instagram page. Once again, the comments were filled with accusations and assumptions towards the social media star. So, in a lengthy paragraph, Rae provided a more detailed explanation of her relationship with her hometown friends. 

She noted that her hometown best friend came to visit her in LA this year, and that she was a bridesmaid in another one of her hometown friend’s wedding. However, she also admitted that nobody from her high school reached out to her, until she started to gain popularity in Los Angeles.

Rae ended the conversation by stating that she’s “stepping out of TikTokRoom now”, and that she wishes nothing but positivity for everyone. 

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