Noah Schnapp Denies Using Racial Slurs In A Video That Resurfaced From 2019

Courtesy: Netflix

On Tuesday, August 25th, a video of Noah Schnapp went viral on social media. In the video, Schnapp — best known for his role as Will Byers in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” — can be seen singing along to “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky and Chris Brown. The song was initially released in March of 2018.

During the video, Schnapp can be seen belting the lyrics to a verse that includes various racial slurs. Although the music is loud, many fans have accused Schnapp of reciting those slurs. 

According to Schnapp, the video was from a 2019 Summer outing, with some of his friends from camp. He also released a statement yesterday, via his Instagram story.

Per his statement, Schnapp admitted that while it wasn’t appropriate for him to have even sung that verse, he allegedly substituted the racial slurs with the term, “neighbor”.

He also stated that although he has never used a racial slur before, his friends would not have condoned his behavior, if he were to sing those slurs.

Schnapp ended his statement by apologizing to the public, and announced that he understands why people were angry when they viewed the video. 

Unfortunately, after he released his apology statement, his comment section began to flood with negative comments. Some people even went as far as to send death threats/wishes to the 15-year-old actor.

One user, however, perceived Schnapp’s apology as “genuine”, and is asking the public to “normalize genuine apologies”.

“We aren’t going to move forward if a genuine apology isn’t good enough. He is not perfect, but he apologized. If you don’t accept that, nobody could ever move forward.”, the woman wrote. 

The hashtag “#noahschnappisoverparty” was also trending on Twitter last night, following the leaked video. 

Schnapp has yet to further address the incident. 

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